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Faculty Development Committee

The charge of the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) is to make recommendations to the dean concerning faculty development policies, grants, awards and related activities, and to develop or revise, as necessary, the College RTP policy and procedure.

4.1       The voting members of the FDC shall be five faculty: two members representing each of the two divisions (humanities and arts; social and behavioral sciences), who are elected by the faculty within their respective divisions; and a fifth member elected at large from among the eligible College faculty.

4.2       Ex-officio, non-voting members shall include the dean or his/her representative.

4.3       Committee members shall serve staggered terms of two years and shall be selected before May 1 of the previous academic year.

4.4       The FDC shall promote and establish the generation of resources and opportunities on behalf of faculty development and call for applications for intra-College grants in support of research and pedagogy.

4.5       The FDC shall review and evaluate intra-College grant applications and shall recommend the names of awardees to the Dean.

4.6       The FDC shall develop and maintain clearly articulated, published standards for teaching, scholarly/creative activity, and service for use in the College retention, tenure, and promotion evaluation process.

4.7       The FDC shall consider issues that affect the well-being and success of faculty and shall, as needed, put forward initiatives and policies that enhance the effectiveness of faculty in our college.

Committee Details

Spring 2019 Meeting Schedule: Every other Thursday 11am-12pm

Committee Contacts

  • HA: Francesco Levato
  • HA: Allison Merrick (Co-Chair)
  • BSS: Kim Pulvers (Co-Chair)
  • BSS: Ruoxi Li
  • At Large: vacant
  • Lecturer Rep: Mayra Besosa
  • Associate Dean: Kristin Bates (ex-officio)
  • Administrative Support: Angela Baggett

More information and resources are available to all CHABSS faculty on the CHABSS Shared Governance Moodle