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Speaking of Democracy

Speaking of Democracy

Sponsored by the American Democracy ProjectSpeaking of Democracy is a University Hour conversation series between students and alumni of Leadership North County about the health of our U.S. democracy.

Please check back in the Fall for more Speaking of Democracy to come. In the meantime, stay engaged!

Professor Ruoxi Li moderates Speaking of Democracy

Speaking of Democracy

Above: In a discussion facilitated by Rochelle Green, students and community leaders participate in a dialogue on the value of consensus and deliberation in a healthy democracy.

Past Topics

Does Your Vote Matter?

A conversation about the value and impact of your vote: structurally (gerrymandering, the electoral college), procedurally, and emotionally.

Facilitators: Stephen Nichols and Ruoxi Li

Cehcks and Balances on Power

A conversation about the power balances of the three branches of U.S. government (judicial, legislative, and executive) and how this system is working for us today.

Facilitator: Stephan Hoover

Consensus and Deliberation

A conversation about the critical role of "restraint and reciprocity" in a healthy democracy and distinctions between direct democracy, deliberative democracy, and consensus.

Facilitator: Rochelle Green