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Graduate School

Puentes Program

An essential component of OTRES Programs is to prepare you for success in your post-baccalaureate studies in graduate school. Admission to graduate studies is the tangible marker of your acquisition of the skill set and analytical components of your undergraduate degree. In addition, it is a measure of RISE/MARC/LSAMP Program success. Simply put, entering graduate school is a big step. The effort required is multi-pronged. It involves a range of activities that begins with the study and selection of desirable programs, requires the taking of the Graduate Record Exam, and culminates with putting together a well crafted application. To ensure that you are the best prepared in this effort, the Office for Training, Research and Education in the Sciences (OTRES) has established the Bridges to Graduate School Puentes program. The program offers a set of activities to assist you in the process of evaluating and applying to graduate studies. In addition, this website offers various resources to help you succeed in your application to graduate school.

The Puentes Program starts mid spring of your junior year and it concludes in late November of your senior year. 

For more information about the program please contact our office at 760-750-3680