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Bulk Mail/Nonprofit/Standard Mail

  • A Nonprofit mailing consists of at least 200 identical pieces. Materials must contain a general message aimed to all who receive it, rather than a personal message aimed to a particular individual. Nonprofit/Standard mailings may not advertise credit cards or insurance.
  • For mailings prepared by an outside mailing house, a sample and the approximate number of pieces must be given to Distribution Services along with chargeback information.


Call Distribution Services BEFORE proceeding to verify your mailing qualifies. Ext 4526.

  1. All Nonprofit/Standard mailings must meet the US Post Office "Move Up-Date Requirement" call Distribution Services to see if your mailing list qualifies.
  2. Have your envelopes printed with the PERMIT NO 196 as seen below. 
    (This goes in place of  postage in the upper right hand corner.)

    PERMIT NO. 196 
  3. Request MAIL TRAYS from Distribution Services at 4526. (500 envelopes/tray)
  4. Stuff envelopes and SEAL each of the envelopes.
  5. Print out labels in ZIP CODE ORDER.
  6. Place labels on sealed envelopes keeping the Zip Codes in NUMERIC order lowest to highest. (Sample:  92069 – 92121)
  7. Place a DIVIDER such as a 3x5 card at the beginning of the following Zip Code Prefixes: (919, 920, 921)
  8.  FILL OUT the Bulk Mail Request Form before submitting to Distribution Services. 
  9. SUBMIT trayed and sealed mailing along with completed submission form and a sample to Distribution Services in person or by calling for a pick up.

Please remember that Distribution Services is always available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding Nonprofit/Standard mail or any mailing that your department may be planning.