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Proper addressing is essential to ensure accurate handling of your inbound overnight items, parcels and freight.  Please use the correct format below for addressing your incoming shipments.

Format Example

Recipient’s Name
Dept., Bldg., Room #
441 La Moree Road 
San Marcos CA  92078-5017

Debbie Russo
Distribution Services, USB 34
441 La Moree Road
San Marcos CA  92078-5017

Notes regarding addressing

  • Shipping labels should reflect the recipient’s name and delivery location, not whose ordering.  Use the “Attention” line for the actual recipient when available during ordering.  
  • Contact Distribution Services at if you need to provide special delivery instructions on inbound items/freight BEFORE the items are received at the dock.
  • Packages will be delivered as addressed.  If departments do not notify us of a secondary delivery location prior to the delivery of overnight envelopes and small packages, the department will be responsible for disbursing the item to the correct individual or department.  Large shipments/pallets that are requested to have a re-delivery will be placed on Distribution Services schedule as time will allow.
  • DO NOT have your Student Assistant put their name on orders even if the item is free of charge.  We do not have access to student employment records therefore these packages are left in our office until they are claimed by the ordering department.