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Mail Piece Design

  • Designing a special flyer? 
  • Printing labels for a large bulk mailing?
  • Having a unique printing job done for mailing?

If you've answered "yes" to any of above...
the next thing you should ask yourself is:

  • Have you checked on USPS mail piece design requirements lately?

As computer graphics and software programs become more readily available, and easier to use, they give the consumer a greater variety of printing and mailing options. As such, you need to be especially aware of specific mandatory mailing restrictions and design specifications required by the United States Postal Service.
The most common mistake currently seen is unacceptable printing on the face of an envelope or mail piece that is in the USPS required barcode "clear zone." This printing is then frequently picked up in error by the USPS automated Optical Character Reader which can result in mistakenly misdirecting your mail or returning it to the sender. When designing a mail piece, labeling flyers or planning a large mailing, please check with Distribution Services PRIOR to printing. This can save you time, money and the aggravation of having mail incorrectly delivered or returned. 

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