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Graduate Studies Council


The purpose of the Graduate Studies Council (GSC) is to:

  • Serve as an advisory and consultative group to the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • Discuss issues of interest and concern to graduate programs across the University and, where appropriate, propose policies to the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • Assist the Academic Senate with the review of graduate curricular proposals.


GSC is comprised of representatives from each graduate program. Participants may also include:

  • Director of Admissions (or designee).
  • Director of Registration and Records (or designee).
  • Representative(s) from the Office of Extended Learning.
  • Representatives from prospective graduate programs.
  • The Office of Graduate Studies and Research administrative support person
  • Representative from the Graduate Students Association

2023-2024 GSC Members

  • Voting Members
    • Dr. Julie Jameson - Biological Sciences
    • Dr. Betsy Read - Biotechnology
    • Dr. Soheila Jorjani/Dr. Mohammad Oskoorouchi - Business Adminstration
    • Dr. Robert Iafe - Chemistry
    • Dr. Sreedevi Gutta - Computer Science
    • Dr. Teresa Macklin -Cybersecurity
    • Dr. Joni Kolman - Curriculum and Instruction
    • Dr. Brooke Soles, GSC Chair - Educational Administration and Educational Leadership
    • Dr. Alyssa Sepinwall - History
    • Dr. Deanna Schmidt - Kinesiology
    • Dr. Francesco Levato - Literature & Writing
    • Dr. Badal Joshi  - Mathematics
    • Dr. Annette Daoud - Multicultural and Multilingual
    • Dr. Amy Carney - Nursing
    • Dr. Nancy Caine - Psychological Sciences
    • Dr. AsherLev Santos - Public Health
    • Dr. Christiane Wood - Reading, Language and Literacy
    • Dr. Blake Beecher - Social Work
    • Dr. Sheri-Lynn Kurisu/Dr. Lori Walkington - Sociological Practice
    • Dr. Darci Strother - Spanish
    • Dr. Jodi Robledo - Special Education
    • Dr. Sue Moineau - Speech Language Pathology
    • Dr. Carmen Mitchell - University Library
  • Non-Voting Members
    • Dr. Charles De Leone - Graduate Studies and Research
    • Nam Nguyen - Graduate Studies and Research
    • Kanav Aggarwal - Graduate Representatives Council
    • Brooke Judkins - Extended Learning
    • Danielle McMartin - Global Programs
    • Leo Melena - College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences
    • Stephen Vandereb - MBA Office


The Co-Chairs of GSC are a faculty member of GSC and the Dean of Graduate Studies.The faculty co-chair is elected by GSC members to serve a one-year tem and can be re-elected. The co-chairs meet to set the GSC agenda and review the minutes of the previous meeting.


  • Meetings are held monthly or as convened by the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • The faculty co-chair leads the meetings.
  • Meetings are open unless an executive session is called by a simple majority vote of the graduate programs represented at the meeting, in which case only the graduate program representatives will remain in the room to conduct business.

2023-2024 Meeting Schedule

Meetings take place via Zoom from 12:30pm-2pm

  • Friday, September 8th
  • Friday, October 13th
  • Friday, November 3rd
  • Friday, December 8th
  • Friday, February 9th
  • Friday, March 8th
  • Friday, April 12th
  • Friday, May 10th

2024-2025 Meeting Schedule

Meetings take place via Zoom from 12:30pm-2pm

  • Friday, September 13th
  • Friday, October 11th
  • Friday, November 8th
  • Friday, December 13th
  • Friday, February 14th
  • Friday, March 14th
  • Friday, April 11th
  • Friday, May 9th



  • A majority of the graduate programs must be represented at a meeting in order to conduct business.
  • GSC generally operates by consensus. If a formal vote is requested by a graduate program representative, each graduate program represented at the meeting will have one vote. A simple majority vote prevails.