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Academic Affairs

Action Plans

  • Develop a comprehensive communications plan in Academic Affairs by reviewing the present protocols for division‐wide communications and exploring the options for enhancing communications to all personnel in Academic Affairs. These plans will be developed with broad consultation in Academic Affairs. Improved communications plans will be developed and implemented division‐wide.
  • Explore the apparent need for additional transparency in decision‐making at all levels in Academic Affairs. We will consider ways of increasing transparency in decision‐making in Academic Affairs, to the extent that this is possible. There will be broad consultation with faculty and staff to uncover additional details of what might be needed. The Vice Provost and the Deans will make recommendations to the Provost.
  • Make the necessary steps to uncover the reasons in all areas of Academic Affairs for feelings among staff and faculty they are not appreciated or treated fairly. Devise specific unit‐level action plans to address these needs.
  • We know that there are severe salary inequities among faculty (and staff) in Academic Affairs. There are also significant cases of salary inversion and compression. With the new faculty CBA, adjustments are being made and there will be a local campus equity program. There will be consultation with the faculty regarding the plan for this equity program.

November 2015 Update:

February 2017 Update:

College of Business Administration:

  • Established weekly all-hands meetings (faculty, lecturers, staff) on Mondays, 11 minute standing meetings (on-going); Regular weekly one-on-one meetings with all direct staff (on-going);
  • Regular bi-weekly meeting with Leadership - Team (on-going); Regular monthly one-on-one meetings with all department chairs (on-going);
  • Regular monthly meetings with all Executives in Residence (on-going); Regular bi-monthly meeting with CoBA Advisory Board (on-going); -
  • Regular attendance at all department-level Advisory Boards (on-going): Blog posts to entire college (on-going)- Open door policy (on-going);
  • Regular anonymous college surveys (on-going);
  • Broad communications, see Communications (above);
  • Recognition of personnel accomplishments highlighted at weekly all-hands meeting (faculty, lecturers, staff) (on-going);
  • Meet regularly (monthly) and informally with staff from across the University that have an appreciation and want to apply organizational development and behavior techniques across the University (ongoing);
  • Faculty incentive program for popular press articles authored by or quoted in by faculty (on-going);
  • Participate in AACSB-wide and CSU Business dean-wide salary surveys annually (on-going);
  • Review salary and promotion candidacy as part of every personnel review (on-going).

College of Education, Health & Human Services:

  • Colleague Conversations 10-12 faculty from various disciplines have lunch to discuss research and teaching (held monthly);
  • Faculty Awards for research, teaching and service and a staff award (started this year);
  • Staff lunches once per semester (ongoing).

College of Humanities, Arts, Behavorial, & Social Sciences:

  • Working to increase communication and transparency by sharing the Dean's report for department chairs with all faculty and staff so they all know what's going on. These reports go out once a month. (ongoing);
  • The Dean also sends out a message talking about more overarching types of topics once a month;
  • We also have recognition awards for staff once a month in an effort to show appreciation.

College of Science and Math:

  • Communication/Transparency: Established and utilize guidelines for allocation of space (ongoing); Established and utilize guidelines for assigning department chair compensation (ongoing);
  • Constituted and charged strategic planning committee with broad college representation to draft 10-yr strategic plan (AY 2016/17);
  • Appreciation: Solicit nominations for annual Celebration of Achievement Awards (ongoing);  additional recognition for "customer service" by staff (this semester); quarterly breakfast for dean's office staff (ongoing); Donut Day for faculty and staff (each semester);
  • Salary Equity: request budget allocation for IRPs and reclassifications as appropriate (ongoing)

Extended Learning and International Programs:

  • Value Chain Analysis conducted to better define each position role/responsibility and created more detailed org chart for employee discussions (done/ongoing);
  • Quarterly Update Meeting and Profession Development Model - created structure for 4 meetings annually (2 update meetings and 2 professional development meetings) (done/ongoing);
  • Position Review Process: had each position in EL reviewed by Leadership Team and then HR assisted for IRP or Reclass recommendations (ongoing - 80% done).

Instructional & Informational Technology Services:

  • Salary Equity  - 2016 Reorganization created multiple new lead and MPP opportunities. (Done);
  • Communication & Appreciation - Created "Good Things/Good to Know" department email messages to highlight individual efforts of distinction and  sharing department activities.  (Done/Ongoing);
  • Communication - Created "Insight" wiki to document, share, and historically store department activities, decisions, and actions. (Done/Ongoing)
  • Appreciation - Created a new welcoming & professional workplace repainting the entire 2nd floor of Craven.  (Done);
  • Transparency - All department budget files are available to all managers, transactions are clearly documented.  (Done/Ongoing);
  • Appreciation - Establish annual Staff Appreciation Lunch every December. (Done/Ongoing);
  • Salary Equity - Department developed an IRP plan pending funding; multiple positions provided with IRPs as warranted. (Ongoing);
  • Communication  - Team Leads monthly meeting changed from status updates to a dialog format with IITS leadership and managers. (Ongoing);
  • Communication - Created "IITS Alerts" ensuring all IITS staff are aware of events. (Ongoing).

Office of the Provost:

  • Develop a comprehensive communications plan in Academic Affairs by reviewing the present protocols for division-wide communications and exploring the options for enhancing communications to all personnel in Academic Affairs (ongoing);
  • Publish a twice-a-semester Provost's Newsletter (ongoing - reviewing the nature and number of these);
  • Monthly Council of Deans meetings established (done/ongoing);
  • Hosting an annual luncheon for the assistant professor, in addition to the one for associate professors (done/ongoing);
  • Deans to hold annual lecturer luncheons in their colleges (ongoing);
  • Newsletter for and about lecturers is being produced by the lecturer liaison (done/ongoing);
  • hold a division-wide meeting once a semester for classified staff (done, currently re-thinking the effectiveness of this);
  • Exploring ways to increase transparency at all levels (ongoing);
  • Developed a salary equity program for tenure track faculty and some lecturers (done).

Planning & Academic Resources (OUGS, OGSR, Acad. Prog., Fac. Cent.):

  • Established a Chairs and Coordinators Group and an Ad Hoc Dergree Planner Advisory Group (ongoing);
  • Weekly check-in with Academic Scheduling staff and with analyst (ongoing);
  • Team building activity (once a semester);
  • Staff bonuses (as needed)


  • Dissemination of a weekly dean's blog post for increased communication, transparency and employee recognition (ongoing);                                                             
  • 3x annually All Library meetings for increased communication and transparency;    
  • Quarterly dean's meetings with all library faculty for increased communication and transparency (ongoing);                                                                                                                 
  • Bi-weekly meetings of department heads and monthly meetings of Library Advisory Council, both representative groups, for increased communication (ongoing);
  • Annual retreat for increased communciation and employee appreciation;
  • Annual holiday party for employee appreciation (ongoing);
  • Nomination of two librarians for campus awards (recognition, appreciation) (ongoing);
  • Dissemination of Survey of Faculty Research Needs for increased communication (ongoing).