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University Advancement

Action Plans

  • Staffing - Communicate long term staffing growth plan to UA division staff by creating a long term org chart.
  • Recognition & Awards - Develop an internal recognition program.
  • Articulate what makes CSUSM "special" - Develop written narrative and/or talking points that articulate the unique elements of our campus and our culture.

February 2017 Update:

  • Three year strategic plan being developed for division. Initiated by division leadership and will be reviewed in a division wide meeting to ensure transparency and buy in from all employees.
  • Internal recognition program reviewed by the volunteer task force and updated to bi-monthly drawings for more frequent experience and excitement.  Enjoying the success of this program as the gift card drawing not only provides an element of fun, but program encourages all to be mindful of publicly recognizing coworkers and inspiring a positive environment division wide. 
  • Office of Communications has produced several videos that showcase what makes CSUSM special. These videos have been shared with the campus community at Convocation, service awards and through new employee orientations.

November 2015 Update:

  • A long-term organizational chart has been created and shared with UA staff. Ongoing updates are also being shared on a regular and as needed basis.
  • An internal recognition program has been developed and implemented. A volunteer task force from within the division took feedback from a UA brainstorming session and implemented the recognition which includes Cougar Congrats (monthly recognition by your peers for internal kudos, and support). On a quarterly basis staff enter their Cougar Congrats for a drawing for $10 Starbucks or Campus Coffee gift cards. The task force will reconvene next year to assess the program and make adjustments as needed.
  • A draft narrative to articulate what makes CSUSM “special” is under review.