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Recommendations Survey

To gather feedback on the draft recommendations, the task force used an online survey. The survey was available from April through October 9 and a total of 512 faculty, staff and administrators completed the recommendation feedback form and provided more than 300 comments. The feedback was instrumental in development of the final task force recommendations and report.

Original 12 recommendations used in the survey:

Compensation & Benefits

  1. Develop a Total Compensation Philosophy for the university (which includes considerations for appropriate market medians, internal and external equity, and our geographical location).
  2. Develop a total compensation tool for all employees which includes salary, benefits and retirement. Provide Industry benchmarks.
  3. Conduct an equity assessment for all employees using both internal and external benchmarks (along with other Total Compensation Philosophy provisions). Remedy inequities identified utilizing various existing mechanisms* (independent of pending job offers)


  1. Conduct focus groups to assess what type of recognition and awards programs will be meaningful to employees and utilize the feedback to establish new recognition programs.
  2. Develop a mechanism to assess existing recognition programs and share best practices.

Talent Development & Management

  1. Develop leadership training courses for all MPPs*. A part of that training should include a "recognition and rewards" section covering compensation, in-range salary promotions, reclassifications and bonuses in order to support the employees they supervise
  2. Develop centrally-funded formal mentorship program(s) for all employees.
  3. Establish a centralized pool for professional development and encourage the use of the Employee Training Center.
  4. Revamp new employee orientation/onboarding program and expand "buddy" program from the MPP Onboarding Program to all employees. Ensure formal orientation plans are in place within each division for new and existing employees.
  5. Identify professional development plan/curricular pathway for developing leadership skills or expertise for career advancement.
  6. Reassess and compile recommendations to revise the performance evaluation form(s) and process.

Communication & Respect

  1. Conduct focus groups to better understand results for this area and explore strategies to properly assess and address those concerns. Incorporate findings into the strategic plan for each division. Details below.