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Finance & Administrative Services

Action Plans

  • Communication - Improve communication through training; establish a division culture that promotes honest conversations without fear or conflicts; include staff on a rotating basis at leadership meetings; improve quality and quantity of meetings, retreats, and events.
  • Networking - Create more opportunities in FAS for employees to connect with one another and engage in division programs and events. Some ideas for our division: an FAS Connect program, a Buddy System to include staff, FAS Orientations, and monthly Department Ambassador Meetings.
  • Training & Professional Development - Provide professional development for staff, mandatory training for MPPs, and additional learning opportunities such as Lunch and Learn events.
  • Recognition Program - Enhance recognition program to include a variety of mechanisms to highlight employee accomplishments. Programs could include thank you boards, gift cards, peer recognition programs, parking passes, fun employee events, and cost savings rewards.

February 2017 Update:

Communication within and across departments will be strengthened through the following activities:

    • Hold regular staff meetings and weekly huddles
    • Development of communication plans

Training and Professional Development:
FAS strategic objective “Develop Workforce Strategies” supports professional development through the following activities:

    • Receive training related to the FAS Core Competency, Strive to Deliver Legendary Service. Update: Legendary Service Training was offered to all FAS employees in 2016 ( 74% of FAS attended)
    • Develop resources for managers – provided managers with training on Situational Leadership II, Building Workplace Trust I and II, Ethical Leadership, Legendary Service for Managers, and Follow the Yellow Brick Road – HR guide for managers
    • Strengthen staff understanding of processes though training and guides
    • Cross train within departments
    • Encourage employees to pursue learning & growth opportunities

FAS will be re-launching the division’s recognition program in summer 2017.  The updated program will be developed around the new division values as well as the core competency.  Currently the FAS Recognition program consists of formal, informal, and on-the-spot recognition. 
Formal Recognition: VP’s Award, Manager’s Award to Staff, and Student Assistant Recognition
Informal: FAS Newsletter and New Employee Spotlight
On-The-Spot: Caboodle Recognition Kits

The “Identify New and Strengthen Existing Partnerships to Support the Campus Community” strategic objective encompasses the following activities:

    • Increase community outreach
    • Develop department onboarding
    • Strengthen existing partnerships across campus
    • Foster relationships with best practice campuses
    • Participate in campuswide initiatives
    • Strengthen cross-functional collaboration

November 2015 Update: