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Healthy Cougars Peer Education

Healthy Cougars Peer Education

Are you interested in health? Come be a volunteer as a peer educator
at the HOPE & Wellness Center!

What is Healthy Cougars: Peer Advocacy and Wellness Support (PAWS)?

These are a group of certified peer educators who are trained and are committed to promoting awareness and advocating health and wellness related issues to the Cal State San Marcos community. Peer Educators commit 4-6 hours per month through volunteering at various events.

What do the Healthy Cougars Peer Educators Do?

They are trained to help encourage and educate their peers to make healthy lifestyle Healthy Cougars choices through programs, presentations, workshops, group discussions and campus awareness events. Healthy Cougars Peer Educators provide up-to-date information about health related issues and provide students appropriate referrals as needed. 

Healthy Cougar Peer Educators (HCPE) help assist HOPE & Wellness center's events and outreach such as:

  • It's on csUSm! 
  • Be Part of the Equation Dating/Domestic Violence Awareness
  • National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDA)
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)
  • Safer Spring Break
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Sexual Responsibility Week
  • Alcohol and You
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Substance Abuse Awareness
  • Screenings for: alcohol, depression/anxiety and eating disorders
  • Great American Smoke-Out and moreā€¦

HCPE serve as student health resource. They act as  leaders, helpers and educators on campus.

HCPE collaborate with student organizations/clubs, student leaders,  departments and peer educators nationally and locally. They have lots of FUN while knowing that they are making a difference. 

How do I Apply to be a Healthy Cougar Peer Educator? 

Students must apply online and complete the 16 hours training program to become"certified peer educators". This position is limited and commitment is for one year. 

Volunteer & Certified Peer Education Application
Deadline for the Certification Peer Education Program for Fall 2024 is August 2, 2024.

What is the commitment as a Healthy Cougar Peer Educator? 
Volunteers must commit 4-6 hours per month. Commitment is one year. 

Students who wish to take on more leadership role as an intern and commit 8 hours per week, please see the Healthy Cougar Internship Program. 

Got questions?
Contact: Cathy Nguyen, advisor
Phone: (760) 750-4917