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Parents and Family

bannerIf I am a parent or family member, how do I find out how my student is doing?

The university and housing staff may not disclose information from a student’s record without first obtaining the written permission of the student. Parents and family members do not have the right to have access to these records unless the student has given written consent for release of such records to them.

We are restricted from sharing information due to the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

How can family members be supportive from afar?

  • Stay Connected
    Support your student by staying connected. Communicate via phone, e-mail, IM, cell phones, and ‘snail’ mail. Students love to get care packages!  
  • Checking-In
    Give your student the opportunity to share feelings and ideas with you.
  • Concerns
    If family members have concerns about students safety or well being please refer the student to the Counseling and Health Services office or contact the housing office.
  • Continue to Have Difficult Conversations
    Students will have to make their own decisions about sleep, academics, exercise, clubs, alcohol, and sexual relationships.   Provide your student with the facts on these issues, and empower them to distinguish between good and bad decisions when it comes to their behavior, health, and safety. Create an atmosphere of open communication.
  • Expect Change
  • Trust Your Student

Financial Aid

When financial aid is disbursed to the student account, the funds will first cover tuition and fees.

Housing is on the student account. When financial aid is first disbursed to the student account, it will first cover tuition and fees, and then be applied to housing. 

It is recommended that all students and families are aware of the amount of aid the student is receiving. If the amount of aid is not enough to cover tuition, fees, and Housing, please plan ahead to cover Housing and any other costs out-of-pocket.

For any questions related to financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.