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Mindful CSUSM


"Mindfulness is paying attention to your life, here and now, with kindness and curiosity" - Amy Saltzman  

We acknowledge that we are on the traditional territory and homelands of the Luise├▒o/Pay├│mkawichum people. For more information please go to

Mission Statement

We wish to foster a community of awareness and appreciation for our own and other's experiences through contemplative practices, pedagogy and research. We affirm that in an increasingly interdependent world, learning to listen with kindness and curiosity  generates compassion, connectedness and the ability to see the world from diverse perspectives.


Come join us for our weekly mindfulness sessions. No prior experience or registration is necessary. You can drop in for a while or stay the whole time. Open to the entire campus community.

Sessions typically take place in a space that is quiet and distraction free. This may prove to be challenging during a time when many families are now home together--working, learning, and caring for each other. It may be fun to practice together. The sitting practice can begin by sitting quietly, either on a chair or the floor, closing your eyes or allowing your gaze to rest softly on the space in front of you, focusing on either your breath or other body sensations. It is very normal for your mind to be easily distracted during practice; the overall goal is to notice that distraction each time it happens and to bring your attention back to the area of focus.