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Partnerships & Customized Services


We are a resource for the campus community and beyond. We offer a variety of customized services which include short courses, workshops, retreats, mediating difficult dialogs, community healing, diversity and equity awareness and morale building efforts. Here is a short list of possible topics:

  1. Introduction to Mindfulness
  2. Contemplative pedagogy for faculty
  3. Mindfulness and Social Justice
  4. Mindfulness for Resilience and Uncertainty
  5. Mindfulness for Morale Building
  6. Mindfulness for Stress Reduction
  7. Mindful Leadership
  8. Mindful compassion for caregivers and social workers
  9. Mindfulness for Community Healing
  10. Mindfulness for Diversity and Inclusion
  11. Mindfulness for Teachers
  12. Mindfulness for Health related fields
  13. Mindfulness for Business

If you don't see a topic listed that you want to explore with us, we are happy to work with you and design something that meets your needs. To learn more about our offerings please feel free to reach out to Ranjeeta Basu at


We are open to exploring partnerships with the campus community and beyond. These partnerships may take the form of collaborating on grants, co-sponsoring events, co-facilitating trainings or workshops, consulting or brainstorming on solutions to local and global issues we face as a community. To explore further please reach out to Ranjeeta Basu at

Our hearts and minds are always open to working with you.


If you would like to register with us or have inquiries, use the form below.

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