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Student Opportunities


The Center for Contemplative Practices (CCP) is launching our Student Fellowship Program in fall 2024. This award program offers students facing financial constraints an opportunity to develop mindfulness skills relevant to their chosen career path. Participants will engage in a series of mindfulness-related workshops, courses, and research opportunities with the Center for up to a one-year period. We anticipate that these opportunities will enhance participants’ resumes and aid them in their pursuit of professional and personal goals.


The events of the past two years have highlighted the importance of helping equip our students with knowledge and skills to navigate ongoing uncertainty with resiliency and compassion, ensuring their success in the face of current and future challenges. Over the past 20 years, the reach of mindfulness practices has expanded dramatically.  Research has shown that contemplative practices can offer students an opportunity to develop lifelong skills that foster increased mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being. Contemplative pedagogy is now widely recognized and accepted by research and practitioner communities as an innovative and effective teaching and wellness practice. Unfortunately, many opportunities to learn mindfulness skills are prohibitively expensive. In addition, most students must work to support themselves so enrolling in mindfulness classes often means lost wages. The CCP student fellowship program provides a paid opportunity for students to learn mindfulness skills and develop their resumes.


We invite undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in mindfulness as a personal and professional practice to apply to this program. No prior experience necessary. The program will run over two semesters from fall 2024 through spring 2025. If you have already taken a 6-week or semester-long mindfulness course, you can enroll in the CCP student fellowship program for one semester.


Student fellows will receive $500 per semester. Over the course of one year, student fellows will be expected to do the following:

  1. Develop a daily personal mindfulness practice.
  2. Attend at least one weekly daily dose of mindfulness session through the two semesters to practice in a group setting.
  3. Attend at least three CCP workshops during the year.
  4. Attend one 6-week course offered by CCP or one semester-long 1-unit mindfulness course offered by Kinesiology (KINE 150).
  5. Participate in a research/service project offered by CCP and write a reflective/research paper.
  6. Work with a faculty member/practitioner to learn how to apply mindfulness practices to one’s future career path and include these skills in one’s resume.
  7. Opportunity to reflect on and present about the student fellow experience at an end of year showcase.


Please submit your student fellowship application and resume by May 17th, 2024. In your application you will answer the following questions:

  1. What, if any, is your prior experience with mindfulness practices?
  2. Why are you interested in participating in this program?
  3. How might participating in this program enhance your future career path?
  4. If accepted into this program, how will you make sure that you have enough time to participate in this program?



With our new center on mindfulness practices on our campus, we are looking for students to help us with outreach, especially focusing on ways to engage students. The assignment includes the following:

  1. Attend workshops to learn about mindfulness practices.
  2. Attend five to six hours of weekly sessions through the semester so that you can practice mindfulness in a group setting.
  3. You will spend another six to seven hours helping us with outreach efforts which include creating promotional materials, tabling, running information sessions, managing our social media etc. We ask that you share your experience with mindfulness with other students in an effort to get the word out. You will be our mindfulness ambassadors.




The duties of this position include coordinating the tabling activities, outreach to campus orgs, outreach to community orgs, developing promotional materials, coordinating social media activites, developing a newsletter.


Interns are expected to provide support and assistance with the compassion and care economy action project. The duties include:

  1. Co-facilitate care economy action sessions with the community.
  2. Receive training in mindfulness practices that build compassion.
  3. Develop materials related to the care economy.
  4. Maintaining and contributing to the compassion and care economy website.

For more information, please contact Ranjeeta Basu at