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Student Travel Accident Insurance

Student Participants & Student Athletes

In the event of an accident injury involving a student during campus-sponsored travel, the student's personal health care plan must provide the primary coverage.  Once the student's health care benefits are exhausted, the CSU Student Travel Accident Insurance policy helps pay for additional accident injury related expenses up to a maximum of $10,000.  Student athletes have additional coverage under the CSU Risk Management Authority Athletic Injury Medical Expenses (CSURMA-AIME) program and from campus purchased catastrophic insurance.  Depending upon the level of injury, students may seek medical attention from the campus' Student Health Services (SHS) during hours of operation.  SHS may be contacted at 760-750-4915. Students who are in need of primary medical insurance may contact ASI to purchase California State University Student Health Insurance (CSUSHI)

The Student Travel Accident Insurance policy does not provide coverage for any illness or disease unless a travel accident is the direct cause of the illness or disease.