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Tukwut Student Success Coaching Program

The Tukwut Student Success Program was designed to increase the retention rates of underrepresented male first-year students.

As a first-year transition program, the goal is to assist you with finding the support you need, connect, engage, thrive and succeed. The program will build support services supporting the three areas:

  • Assessment & Coaching (Enrollment Phase)- The Tukwut Student Success Program will initially focus on a comprehensive review of student high school transcript, high school test scores, GPA and interviewing incoming students to mediate need. A Summer Orientation Program will focus on cultivating connections and networking among the participants. Peer coaches will begin orienting participants to college life and assisting them with developing skills and competencies. We will assess initial strengths and challenges in academic, career, and personal pathways and increase coaching and mentoring contact.
  • Retention Management (Advising Phase) - The Professional Team and Senior Success Coaches will assist participants with intellectual and academic skills development, orient them to the learning culture model, provide tutoring, and other supplemental learning opportunities as needed. Assist participants to secure on-campus student employment, internships, or co-curricular involvement. Senior Success Coaches will monitor grades, provide advising about participants program of study, provide self-efficacy & motivation techniques, implement an electronic success plan to capture student engagement, and assist with goal setting.
  • Holistic Program Support (Skill Building Phase)-The Tukwut Coaching Success Team will provide student-centered programming, aid to remove educational barriers, develop workshops for multicultural awareness, emotional intelligence, social mobility, and career pathways. Create community building activities and facilitate faculty engagement/mentorship with participants.

We are committed to assisting program participants with selecting their academic pathway and achieving success!

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