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Student-Ready Campus

Students walking on campusStudent success is often measured by college retention and graduation rates. However, just as important are the measurement of a college or universities policies, systemic process, programs and practices. As we evaluate what is important for 21st Century student success we must begin to identify what role higher educational institutions will play, not only in student involvement and engagement, but also in overall academic achievement. What is needed to make a college or university ready to serve all students who enter its establishment?

Becoming a Student-Ready Campus

These concepts for redesigning higher educational practices and making educational policies more equitable are revolutionary to say the least! Yet, current trends in student learning, engagement, and achievement require just that, a redesign of higher educational institutions to achieve real-time change and transformation. As educational leaders who are focused on becoming equity-minded, it is imperative that we move toward a design thinking process as we prepare for unprecedented times in educational transformation and as we work to develop educational institutions that are equitable, inclusive, and more diverse than ever.

Some things to consider as leaders and practitioners alike begin the process of becoming a student-ready college:

  • How do educators engage in self-reflection and begin to examine what it means to have bias and assumptions about underserved students?
  • How can educators facilitate the change and transformation process?
  • What are some unique ways to improve on the teaching & learning process?
  • How do we get educators and students to understand the power of social capital?
  • What student-focused strategies and approaches can be developed and scaled up for implementation on a broader level?

Becoming a student-ready campus involves bravery, the ability to understand and use evidence-based data elements to make decisions, and being purposeful, intentional, accountable, and responsible. The Office of Success Coaching is part of the solution for becoming a student-ready university. Success coaching is unique an innovative way to ensure that all first-year students are offered a resource that helps them learn how to navigate college and identify all the resources that are made available to them. We see our students as assets and our role as critical to their success.