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Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month winners are nominated by professional staff at the University Student Union for their exemplary service and voted on by a committee composed of Student Building Leads on a monthly basis.

Mario (April)

Mario Employee of the Month

Mario’s determination and hard work ethic are evident every time he comes on shift. Whether the day is busy with building operations or event set ups, Mario always works efficiently and productively to get things done. He is always thinking proactively and will even complete tasks before being asked. He is always a pleasure to work with, thanks for all your hard work Mario!

Candela (April)

Candela Employee of the Month

Candela has been a wonderful asset to the Info desk and USU Team. She constantly takes the initiative to work on projects that help better the USU. She is a great team player who always has a positive attitude. Candela is very deserving of receiving Employee of the Month. Keep up the great work, Candela!

Michelle (March)

Michelle Employee of the Month

As a part of our Operations team Michelle exemplifies  the core values of the USU every day. Her hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed and she is always taking the initiative to get things done! Michelle is very  goal-oriented and detail-focused which reflects through her hard work ethic. She always has a positive outlook on things and comes to work with a smile on her face. What stands out most about her is that she strives for perfection, she puts in so much effort while on shift and it is much appreciated. All of Michelle’s hard work lead to her new position as our Operations and Logistics Assistant where she will be working hand in hand with our Logistics Coordinator to help with the needs of the USU. All of this and so much more is why Michelle is our employee of the month and we wish her luck with her new position where she will be just as amazing. Keep up all the great work Michelle!

Dmitri (February)

Dmitri Employee of the Month

In his work as the Program Coordinator for USUAB, Dmitri always goes above and beyond to make sure our events, meetings, and trainings run smoothly. Not only is he a diligent worker, but he is also a supportive teammate to all of his coworkers at the USU and Clarke Field House. When help is needed for large and small tasks, Dmitri is always one of the first to volunteer. What really stands out most about Dmitri, however, is his positive attitude. Whether he is at events or in the office, he always has a smile on his face and an upbeat demeanor that makes working with him so enjoyable. Thanks for everything you do, Dmitri!

Scott (December)

Scott Employee of the Month

As part of the Marketing department, Scott consistently completes stellar work but more importantly does it in a timely and professional manner. He is always eager to take on new projects and frequently takes initiative to update digital signage and website content without being asked. The zeal with which he completes his work is apparent to those he interacts with and in the quality of the work he creates. Thank you for your hard work, Scott!

Monique (November)

Student Employee Monique

The USU is often a busy, fast-paced environment for USU Student Assistants, but working with Monique means that it will also be friendly and fun. Monique exemplifies leadership potential by providing the USU with a dependable and proactive mentality while she works. She always takes the initiative. Monique’s diligent persona means that while she is working, she strives to perform any given task with excellence. Her dedication to perfecting the USU’s presentation is apparent and her professionalism rarely goes unnoticed. For her productive, goal-oriented and detail-focused performance, Monique is our October employee of the month.

Anthony (October)

Student Employee Anthony

The Operations Student Assistants at the USU have many tasks, from cleaning the entire building to setting up large events for our patron’s to enjoy. Though the job is demanding, Anthony completes his tasks with ease, and exceptionally meets standards in a short period of time. Anthony is action-oriented, ambitious, and displays leadership and initiative. For all this and much more, Anthony is our October employee of the month.

Antonette (September)

Employee Antonette

Antonette’s dedication and hard work never goes unnoticed! She spreads positivity and exemplifies the core values of the USU. She is an outstanding student assistant of our Operations and AV/IT departments.  She always comes into work with a smile on her face and always offers friendly support to those around her. She’s very energetic and always willing to learn more. It is such a pleasure working with her. Keep up the amazing work Netta. You’re doing a great job!