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USU Virtual Tour

Here are the basic floor plans for the University Student Union to help you navigate the building. Download floor plans (PDF)

  • Floor 1

    Floor 1

    USU Floor 1 Map

    • Commuter Lounge: this area serves all students who need a place to work or study. It includes a refrigerated locker, microwaves, vending machines, a sink, shower, and refrigerated lockers. Computers and print stations are also available. 
  • Floor 2

    Floor 2

    USU floor 2 map

    • USU 2310 A & B Meeting Rooms: ideal for smaller events, meetings can be divided or scheduled to accommodate up to 100 people. Both rooms come full equipped with smart technology. 
    • USU Ballroom: the 9,000 sq foot ballroom is the largest indoor event space at CSUSM and is available for student,  department, and external events. With functional partition walls, the ballroom can be divided into four quads or two half ballroom configurations.
    • USU Administrative Suite: As the headquarters of the USU, the USU Administrative Office is a resource for students regrading event reservations, upcoming events, USU Live! Programming, and any other needs you have about the USU.
    • USU Amphitheater: The amphitheater is a unique space in that it is the only formal outdoor performance area at CSUSM. The amphitheater can seat around 400 people. One unique aspect is that the stage level at the bottom of the amphitheater connects to the ballroom. It is possible for an unique event to utilize both spaces either simultaneously, or have an event in the amphitheater and have people flow into the ballroom for the post celebration or reception.
  • Floor 3

    Floor 3

    USU floor 3 map

    LGBTQA+ Pride Center:

    • The LGBTQA+ Pride Center is an inclusive space which promotes positive interactions in a diverse environment.  The Pride Center strives to provide a space that celebrates and affirms students who identify with all genders and sexualities in the LGBTQ community and their allies. The Pride Center provides virtual and in-person programming on several topics including LGBTQA+ Issues, Sexuality and Race, Class, Gender, & Culture, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention, Safe Zone Training and much more.


    Women & Gender Equity Center (wGEC): 

    • The Gender Equity Center focuses on fostering dialogue about gender equity and social justice; and providing resources for students to achieve their goals. The Gender Equity Center strives to develop and maintain inclusive and validating environments at CSU San Marcos with a focus on topics and issues broadly related to the experiences of women, trans and non-binary students, parenting students, and the impacts of sexism and misogyny.

     Latinx Center:

    • The Latin@/x Center is grounded on community building standards deriving from “Familismo” principals and operates from a Latinx Critical Theoretical lens. The Latin@x Center focus is on Latin@/x student cultural empowerment by providing affirming and validating literature, artwork, and media within the space. This center educates students and campus members about Latin@/x traditions, culture, and issues impacting the community and serves as a connection point to multiple internal and external networks aimed at providing systems of support for Latin@/x identifying students.  

     Cross-Cultural Center (C3):

    •  As the first of the Student Life Centers established at CSUSM in 2003, the Cross-Cultural Center encourages identity exploration by challenging students to think critically about social justice issues and appreciate differences. The Cross-Cultural Center Focuses on promoting the development of cultural intelligence, examine various forms of activism, and train students for campus leadership, community engagement, and social change. The Cross-Cultural Center also serves to create a space for marginalized communities to belong and support efforts for them to achieve their fullest potential for academic success. 

    Dean of Students:

    • The Dean of Students Office promotes the commitment to student learning and development of the whole student through care, advocacy, support and accountability. This office serves as an advocate and a centralized resource for connecting students with appropriate services across campus and in the community. 

    Student Leadership & Involvement Center (SLIC):

    • SLIC develops students’ capacity to lead and initiate positive social change.  Through inclusive programs, we engage students in leadership and co-curricular opportunities that foster the Tukwut experience. These programs include Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Organizations and Campus Leadership Opportunities.

    Associated Students Inc. (ASI):

    • A non-profit, student-run auxiliary of CSUSM with the mission to serve, engage and empower students. ASI is the official voice to express student opinions, foster awareness of student issues, and protect the rights and interests of students. ASI also delivers programs which promote a campus climate that meets the educational, social, and cultural well-being of all students. To learn more about the Board of Directors, ASI Cougar Pantry, Campus Activities Board or other involvement opportunities, visit the ASI website or social channels for more information. 


  • Floor 4

    Floor 4

    USU floor 4 map


    • Activity Center: the perfect hangout spot complete with TV lounge, billiard tables, gaming consoles and table games. Each semester, regular programs are hosted in this space by our Student Program team USU Live. These events include e-sports and other gaming competitions, trivia and karaoke nights.
    • USU Production Studio: a space for campus and community members to operate their projects independently using equipment for photoshoots, broadcasting, podcasting, audio engineering, and film production.
    • USU Market: Student store that provides a variety of food and drinks for your snacking and dining pleasure. Jamba Juice is also located here for healthy smoothie and snack options.

    Black Student Center:

    The mission of the Black Student Center is to promote the academic, cultural, social, and political consciousness of students of color by actively engaging in institutional partnerships that will result in the overall increase of student recruitment, active member participation, retention, and graduation rates. The Black Student Center collaborates with student organizations, the Black Faculty/Staff Association, the Student Life Centers for Identity, Inclusion, and Empowerment, and other campus partners to celebrate and highlight the contributions and history of the African Diaspora.

    • USU Information Desk: stop by the USU Information Desk to ask questions about any of the student service areas within the USU or about upcoming events or programs for CSUSM students. 
    • Crash's Cafe: The conveniently located Crash's Cafe offers Starbucks Coffee beverages, drinks, and espresso. In addition, you may purchase exceptional CSUSM baked goods, gourmet salads and sandwiches.  


    • Dining PavilionThe University Student Union houses many food options which can all be found on the fourth floor of the building and can be accessed from the main campus level. Come and enjoy a delicious meal in our building with its many indoor and outdoor seating areas. Use the Grub Hub link to pre-order your meals.