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Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month winners are nominated by professional staff and their peers at the University Student Union for their exemplary service and voted on by a committee composed of Student Building Leads on a monthly basis.


Melina EOM

Melina started off as a USU Live volunteer and since then has really grown in her role on this team. She is always one of the first to offer support and advice to her teammates. You can always count on Melina for absolutely anything because you know she has your back. She is an extremely dependable person and I admire how dedicated she is with planning her events and how thought out every detail is. She truly plays a role in what makes this team so special!


tien EOM

From training day until now, Tien has been extremely friendly and helpful to not only her coworkers, but all of the regulars at the Activity Center as well. She goes above and beyond by helping coworkers with problems in between her busy schedule while she is off the clock. She is an extremely hard-working student who genuinely loves helping other people. Her cheerful attitude is contagious to wherever she goes and we all absolutely love having her here in the Activity Center


Brooks EOTM

Brooks is an excellent graphic designer and leads the way with creativity in promoting events. He is always in the office putting in many hours working on his art for flyers in order to make sure USU events are promoted. His attitude is always inviting and fun, showing kindness and smiles to his coworkers in the office space. We are so happy to have Brooks on our USU Marketing Team! He works tirelessly with great outcomes!


Kiana EOTM

Kiana is a diligent worker and likes to get tasks done quickly and efficiently; she is very punctual and always ready to work. Kiana goes out of her way to pay attention to details of the building without being asked and exceeds the expectations to lead and help out when needed. She has a great attitude and knows how to get along with everyone. She is very positive and fun to be around and we appreciate the work she puts into her job!


Emily EOTM

Emily always carries herself with a ready-to-work attitude and is super helpful to guests of the USU and her fellow coworkers. Even when she isn't on shift, but is passing through the USU, she will go out of her way to straighten furniture or pick up a piece of trash. It shows she really does care about what she does! She is hard working, efficient, and always willing to help! Whether it is an event set-up, cleaning, or just doing a walkthrough of building, you can see her putting her heart into her work and she is dedicated to making the USU a comfortable space for everyone who visits.


Giselle EOM

Giselle's exceptional performance, positive attitude, and dedication to her role make her a truly deserving candidate for the Employee of the Month award. Giselle possesses excellent problem-solving skills. She is resourceful and quick to find solutions to various inquiries, whether they relate to campus facilities, events, or general information. We are grateful to have her as such an valuable asset on the team!


Luke EOM

Luke has been a great asset to the AVIT team. He always comes in with a great attitude and greets everyone he sees. Luke does whatever he can to make sure our clients are happy with the quality of their events. Luke has fantastic communication skills that he constantly uses on shift connecting with the Ops and Leads and Event Planners. When Luke is on shift we know that he’s got everything handled


Kenny EOM

Kenny is a new hire in the USU Activity Center, but in his short time here, he has gone above and beyond in all ways...picking up shifts from his coworkers, coming in early, staying late, etc. He is dependable, on-time, and always willing to go the extra mile. Kenny is kind and always patient when training his peers. He takes initiative and fixes any tech issues that arise and always keeps his supervisor in the loop on any updates or needs. He has been a constant source of reliability and we are so grateful to have him! The Activity Center "regulars" love Kenny and so do we!