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Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month winners are nominated by professional staff at the University Student Union for their exemplary service and voted on by a committee composed of Student Building Leads on a monthly basis.

Denise (March)

Employee of the month Denise

Denise is a member of the USU’s AV/IT team and always puts forth her best effort and attitude no matter what event she is assisting. Denise shows the perfect example of how to get the job done with a smile and great attitude. We can always count on her to make sure every event is sounding great with awesome music and running smoothly from behind the tech table. We are beyond lucky to have her on our team. Thank you for all your hard work Denise!

Derrick (February)

Portrait of Derrick at the USU ampitheater

Over that past year we have seen Derrick grow and transform into a leader that can be counted on. He is always taking the initiative and willing to lend a helping hand. There is never a shift that goes by without Derrick sharing his positive attitude and radiating his energy to his fellow team members. He’s always ready to perform any task that is asked of him to his fullest abilities. Derrick is not only a great co-worker, but a very helpful and reliable person who is always eager to learn and push himself.  He is bound for greatness. Congratulations Derrick, keep up the amazing work!  

Andrew (January)

Portrait of Andrew at the USU ampitheater

As a member of our AV/IT team Andrew goes above and beyond in his student assistant position. Whether it be for a client, Professional Staff or fellow co-worker you can always count on him to get the job done. Going on his second semester with the USU he has exemplifies our core values and shows determination through his work. You can catch him playing fun music and working the tech table at USU events all while displaying with his positive attitude. Congratulations Andrew keep up the great work! 

Nancy (November)

Employee of the Month Nancy

As an operations and logistics student Nancy exudes hard work, dedication and leadership. You can find her around our building with her contagious smile and laugh. Her positivity and dedication are few of the many reasons why Nancy exemplifies the USU’s core values. She is not only a co-worker but a very helpful and reliable friend to many of those on our staff. We are very fortunate to have someone like Nancy on our staff and have her contributing to the USU family vibe. Congratulations Nancy and keep up the great work!

Cory (October)

Employee of the Month Cory

As one of our new Information Desk Student Assistants Cory has definitely adapted quickly and efficiently to our USU team. He can always be counted on to take the initiative and provide the best customer service around. His positive attitude, leadership skills, productivity and his contagious smile are among a few of the many reasons why he has earned Employee of the Month. Cory can always be counted on for spectacular work. He creates a wonderful environment for his coworkers with a positive attitude and exemplifies the core values of the USU. We couldn't be more proud of him and are honored to present him with the recognition he deserves. Congratulations  Cory, keep up the amazing work!

Ashley (September)

Employee of the Month Ashley

Our employee of the month goes to someone who now gets the opportunity to show off the accolade of what being a hard worker is all about. Ashley is an outstanding addition to the team here at the USU not only because of her positive energy but also her willingness to get tasks done and take on new ones. You would be hard-pressed to find Ashley without a smile on her face while she is walking throughout the building on shift. That is the family attitude that makes us honored to present her with the recognition she deserves. 

Abryana (Summer)

Employee of the Month Abryana

Ab consistently exemplifies hard work and dedication. As one of our Information Desk student assistants Ab has never failed to make someone's day by providing the best customer service around. Her positivity is infectious, she is a natural leader and we couldn’t be more proud of how involved and immersed she is on our campus. We are very fortunate to have someone like Ab on our team which is why she has earned Employee of the Summer! Congratulations Ab, keep up the amazing hard work!