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Focus Areas

USU Creative & Social Specialist

Create new experiences for students by developing, creating, and implementing unique student-focused events and activities. Plan monthly interactive activities/events in partnership with the campus community to strengthen partnerships with our team. Creating a more passive event style with U-Hour events, pop up events, Commuter Breakfast events and more.

USU Student Engagement Specialist

Collaborate with Student Coordinator to work closely with the Activity Center to plan a couple events a semester like trivia, karaoke night, game tournaments and more. Establish creative ways to engage students on our campus with our office, building and partners to maintain campus spirit.

USU Outreach Specialist

Serve as liaison to USU Marketing Team for design, social media and video projects. Coordinate and manage marketing resources including a-frames, USU bulletin boards, and table tents. Utilize and coordinate social media plans for event marketing, outreach and student engagement in coordination with USU Marketing Team. Responsible for photography at designated events and/or coordination of photo-related resources (i.e. photo booth, social media contests, etc.). Vital in promoting what USU Live is/does.

USU Series Specialist

Coordinate monthly series events, including but not limited to Cougar Cinema, Crafty Cougars, USU Unplugged, Cougar Eats, etc. Create a new series of events to appeal to various student interests.

USU Signature Specialist

Coordinate USU Live traditional events, including but not limited to: Weeks of Welcome, Casino Night, Homecoming, Welcome Back Week, Tukwut Nights, and Tukwut Life Events.