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CSUSM Women’s Studies students explore profound themes in a feminist, interdisciplinary, academically rigorous program.

  • How are people’s lives shaped by politics, economics, art, culture, and education?
  • What expectations are placed on people relative to gender, race, class, sexuality, etc., and how can such expectations be productively challenged?
  • How do concepts of career, family, and parenting impact individuals?
  • What can we learn from studying inequality—sexism, racism, classism, ageism, homophobia and transphobia—and how can that learning be applied?

WMST Curriculum and Career Preparation

Our Women’s Studies Department offers courses that examine gender in relation to race, class, sexuality, and other identity markers, in national and international contexts. Our students gain a solid academic foundation on which they then develop the professional skills necessary for rewarding employment in the 21st century. Analytical thinking, writing, teamwork, and research skills prepare Women’s Studies students for careers in diverse areas: education, international relations, health, counseling, law, human resources, social services, journalism, and public safety, among others.

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  • New Fall 2018 will be posted soon -  WMST Courses

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Dr. Veronica Anover,              Department Chair

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Administrative Coordinator
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Student Advisors:

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Jodie Lawston

"[Majoring in Women's Studies] was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  A degree in WMST is the perfect major for a career in people skills, team building organization, and research."

 Women's Studies Graduate