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Women's Studies Degree

The Women’s Studies Program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies, as well as a Women's Studies Minor.

Students who graduate with a B.A. in Women’s Studies will:

  1. Develop a foundation of knowledge about women’s roles in and contributions to the economy, politics, the arts, culture, and society in the United States and around the world;
  2. Comprehend and be able to analyze critically the construction of gender in culture and society, historically and in the present day;
  3. Demonstrate the ability to integrate the analysis of race and ethnicity, class, sexual identities, culture, religion, disabilities, and geography into explanations of power relations in the contemporary world;
  4. Use effective oral and written communication skills to communicate information and arguments about women and gender relations;
  5. Develop the research skills needed to find, analyze, and apply multiple sources of information about women and gender across an array of research topics and academic disciplines;
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of multiple approaches to the study of women and gender construction and have the skills needed to distinguish among basic assumptions and arguments, particularly those derived from feminist theoretical perspectives;
  7. Be aware of the relationship of scholarly work and knowledge to problem solving and activism in the real world.

Women’s Studies Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Women’s Studies faculty employ innovative and varied pedagogical practices to deliver a curriculum that:
  2. Acknowledges women’s past and present contributions to culture and society in the United States, the region, and around the world;
  3. Offers both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to the fields of women’s and gender studies;
  4. Centers the study of women with attention to racial and cultural differences, class, sexual identities, religion, dis/abilities, and geography;
  5. Fully explores the diversity in women’s experiences, past and present, using the concept of gender to identify progress and problems, and thereby problematizes our understandings of those experiences;
  6. Values the relationships between theory, social action, and the quest for change

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