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Credit by Challenge Examination

  • A student may elect to receive credit for a course by challenge examination for any course approved by the academic discipline as a course eligible for challenge.  The following restrictions and procedures apply:
  • Students must register for a Credit-by-Challenge Examination by printing a form available on the Registration and Records website  and taking this to the Department Office of the department offering the course (COBA advisors for Business Administration courses) by the end of the fifth day of classes in the semester.
  • Credit is recorded on the student transcript as awarded in the semester following the successful challenge of a course. Students challenging courses in the Spring Semester have the option of having the credit reported in either the Summer Session or the Fall Semester, but must specify on the form requesting the examination whether they want to have the credit recorded during the Summer session or the Fall semester. Students must pay all applicable University fees for the term in which the credit is reported on the transcript. The successfully challenged course is included in determining all fees, including the State University Tuition Fees.
  • Examinations are scheduled to take place early each semester. Students will receive their results prior to the beginning of the Priority Registration period for the next term.
  • Successful challenge of a course will result in a grade of Credit. Successfully challenged courses do not count against the limit on the number of courses that may be taken for a grade of Credit/No Credit and can be applied to major requirements with the approval of the major department.
  • Credit by examination may not be used to fulfill the residency requirement. (Title 5, ยง40403)
  • A student must demonstrate competency in writing skills as part of the challenge examination.
  • Students may not challenge courses under the following circumstances:
    • Students may not challenge courses in which they are currently enrolled.
    • A student may not elect to challenge a course for which any grade (including "U", "F", "WU", "IC",  "NC", or "AU") was received in a previous semester, for which academic renewal has been granted, or for which a prior challenge has been unsuccessful.
    • A student may not challenge a course that is listed in the catalog as a prerequisite for a course in which academic credit has already been granted.
  • Students who successfully complete the challenge exam for a course for which the challenge was prohibited (as detailed above) will not receive credit.
  • Courses cannot be challenged to fulfill upper-division General Education requirements.

The following courses are approved for credit by challenge examination:

  • ECON 201
  • ECON 202
  • GBM 425
  • MKTG 302

Credit by challenge examinations for language courses have been suspended for Spring 2007.

Updated on April 1, 2008; May 31, 2011