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Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Academic Programs coordinates the University-level curriculum review and approval process, maintains technical course data and attributes in PeopleSoft, publishes the General Catalog, and archives course syllabi.

  • See Catalog and Curricula for information on the Catalog, Curriculum Records and Forms, and Credit by Exam.
  • See Academic Scheduling for the Class Schedule, Scheduling Information, and Final Exam Schedule.

Office Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
  • Craven Hall 5201

Academic Programs is on Front Desk MS Teams, feel free to send us a message, or connect with us individually.

To make appointments with Dean Eisenbach, please contact Alejandra Sanchez or call 760-750-8883. 


Academic Programs facilitates and implements university processes and policies for faculty and staff to support high-quality learning experiences for the students.  We do this through facilitating and collaborating with the university community and its constituents to facilitate delivery of curriculum, continually striving to achieve common goals.*


Academic Programs will be known for its commitment to excellence in service, teamwork, and innovative solutions that support the university‚Äôs mission, with a special emphasis on the values of diversity and inclusivity. 

*Revised August 2019