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Student Course Evaluations

CHABSS Student Course Evaluation Form Preference

Please take a moment to complete this brief Wufoo survey to make your preference known: Student Course Evaluation Preferences form. Please use this form to indicate your preferred form type for student course evaluations. If you would like any type of form other than an in person "A" form we ask that you complete this survey regardless of past preferences.  Please consult with your department chair or program director before making changes. The Dean’s office will use this in the preparation of student course evaluations toward the end of the semester.

If you do not complete the survey by the deadline of October 6th, the default form for in person hard copies of the  "A - lecture" form will be provided for all of your courses. We will offer the opportunity to change your preferences each semester.

For a detailed description of the form types check here: Student Course Evaluation form types. Online student course evaluations can be provided for any in-person formats.

 Thank you!

Student Course Evaluation Timeline Fall 2018

By October 1st Please notify Angela Baggett if you are team teaching the 1st half of a course this semester

Week of:  October 8, 2018

Distribution of evaluation packets for courses that meet first half or courses that are team taught by college support staff
DUE DATE: Friday, October 19, 2018
Monday, October 8, 2018 Online Course Evaluations for 1st half of the fall semester will be activated through October 19th
Week of: November 19, 2018

Distribution of evaluation packets for full-term and second-term courses by college support staff

DUE DATE: December 8th 

Online Course Evaluations for 2nd half of the Fall semester and full term will be activated through December 8th

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 Priority Evaluation Results Available for Department Chairs
Week of: January 7, 2019 Results will be available on shared folders and will be emailed to professors


Online Course Evaluations FAQs

In addition to paper course evaluations, Institutional Planning & Analysis also offers online course evaluations.

These are administered through Class Climate and students are given instructions via email or they can access the evaluations directly using Cougar Courses.