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CHABSS Announcements & Events submissions

To better serve you and help to push your events and announcements out through social media and the CHABSS newsletter (the newsletter goes to CHABSS faculty and staff only), please submit your graphic(s) in the appropriate format noted below. 
If you wish for your event/announcement to be posted on CHABSS' Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Linkedin we will need your ready-to-post graphics specifically formatted for those platforms. Flyers will not be posted to social media. Flyers are only acceptable for the CHABSS newsletter.

The CHABSS newsletter publish dates are currently under review. Check back later for more information.

To help you design creative and attractive graphics, please look into and create a free account. We highly recommend this resource. For questions please contact

Before submitting a graphic for the SBSB Video Wall, please review the guidelines.

Submit your Announcement & Event Graphic/Information