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Collective Effort Makes Project Rebound a Reality  By Eric Breier
Xuan Santos has long advocated for increased representation at Cal State San Marcos of students who are formerly incarcerated or system impacted.

As Santos, an associate professor of sociology, was completing his tenure process two years ago, he began looking at ways to provide more support on campus. At the top of his wish list was bringing Project Rebound, a program that supports students transitioning out of prison, to CSUSM.

Garden Aims to Help Address Student Food Insecurity  By Eric Breier
Greig Guthey still remembers the first environmental studies classes he taught at Cal State San Marcos. Students gathered on the third floor of Academic Hall in a room that had one small window that didn’t open.

“You’re teaching about the food system and talking about food, but you’re in this room with no connection to the outside,” said Guthey, the coordinator for CSUSM’s environmental studies program.

Anthropology Prof Writes Book About Search for 'Lone Woman' of Cultural Fame
Professor Tom Holm, who teaches Marine Archaeology and Preservation, recently published a book that was eight years in the making. Tom was inspired by the 1960's children's novel, "Island of the Blue Dolphins" that he read – and re-read twice – with his daughter.  This novel by Scott O’Dell chronicles the tale of a 12-year-old girl named Karana who’s stranded alone for years on an island off the coast of Southern California. Professor Holm's book, “Shrouded Heritage: Island of the Blue Dolphins”, is a captivating account of his long, all-encompassing quest to discover the truth behind the Lone Woman’s identity, her life on San Nicolas Island, and her link between local indigenous tribes as well as those tribes’ historical connection to the island. 

Are You Interested in Becoming a K-8 Teacher?
CSUSM’s Liberal Studies degree just made it simpler for you to navigate the California teacher credentialing pipeline.  At CSUSM, you can now fold the CSET I-III standardized testing requirement into your Liberal Studies bachelor’s degree program’s Elementary Subject Matter and Integrated Teacher Education options. That’s three standardized tests you don’t have to spend time and money on!

Valuing Diversity and Inclusion in the Global classroom—and beyond
Professors in the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences, such as Dr. Anne Randerson, who teaches courses such as Introduction to Global Studies, see themselves as advocates and activists who provide opportunities for students to view the world around them from different perspectives.

Professor Earns Grants to Support Arts, Mentee
Music Professor Merryl Goldberg recently received two state grants to support programs and research stemming from her ART=OPPORTUNITY initiative. The funding will support Camp AART (Attitudes, Awareness and Relationship Training), an arts education program that focuses on suicide prevention through creative youth development. Additionally, the funding will be used to conduct two studies to expand on the research component of the ART=OPPORTUNITY public awareness project. 

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