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Regional Evacuation System

The County of San Diego has unveiled a new evacuation and repopulation management system that streamlines how emergency information is disseminated to the public.

Genasys PROTECT divides the county into evacuation zones that follow physical features like roads and rivers making it easier for first responders to provide disaster notifications, evacuation information, shelter locations, road closures and much more to the public in a timely manner.

Campus members can subscribe to specific zones to receive real time updates and status changes on the locations that mean the most to them. Many people subscribe to their home zone, school zone, and family members’ zones.

The new system will also be integrated into the existing county notification systems.

Emergency Evacuation Zone Information

Genasys PROTECT Website (search zones throughout the state):
Genasys PROTECT Apps (subscribe to up multiple zones): 
Alert San Diego Website:
Alert San Diego Phone App:

CSUSM Zones:

CSUSM Main Campus: Zone SDC-0790

North City (Extended Learning Building, QUAD, North Commons): SDC-0791

CSUSM Temecula Campus (Margarita Rd): TMC-2262

CSUSM/MSJC Temecula Campus (Motor Car Pkwy): TMC-2202