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Emergency Notification System - Opt Out

If you wish to not be included in the CSUSM Emergency Notification System (Alert U), you may opt out your personal contact information. If you choose to opt out you will not receive first response notifications via your personal email address and phone numbers (mobile/cellular phone, text, home phone). Campus email addresses and office phones will continue to receive emergency notifications.

If you choose to opt-out of the Emergency Notification System (Alert U) you have two options: 

Option 1: PDF

Open and complete the PDF form, sign it, and drop it off at the University Police Department (Bldg. #63):

Emergency Notification Opt-Out Form

Option 2: Electronic

Please fill out all fields and submit the form for processing (processing could take up to 7 days).

Emergency Notification Opt-Out Form (online)

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting this form (either PDF or electronically), you will not receive emergency notification alerts/messages on your personal email addresses and phone numbers. You will still receive notifications through your official campus email address and phone.