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Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement at CSUSM

Finance and Administrative Services encourages a culture of continuous improvement resulting in streamlined processes, hours and dollars saved (calculated as part of the improvement effort), reimagined processes with the end-user in mind, and increased employee and end-user satisfaction. 

What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)? 

BPI is a process that follows a structured approach to define and analyze a predetermined scope. It has a start and a stop with multiple activities and actions that take place to reach the objective of the process (i.e. Monthly reconciliation, Registering for classes, Paying student refunds, etc.). BPI is an iterative process that challenges processes, technology, norms and patterns. It is a process of forward-thinking action aimed to understand what is happening now in a process, why it is happening, and what is desired to happen in the future.


What are the steps of BPI?

  • Initiating the project and defining the organizational context of where the process lives
  • Identifying the current state of the process, how things are done today 
  • Analyzing the current state of the process, looking for redundancies, delays or pain points 
  • Describing a desired future state of the process, how the ideal process would look
  • Proposing a Recommended Action Plan (RAP) and enacting change, if possible

Do you have an idea of a process that could benefit from BPI?
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BPI Training Program

Learn necessary tools and competencies to conduct Business Process Improvement (BPI) sessions with stakeholders across campus. Applicants will be expected to participate in a deep dive training program to learn how to identify, define, analyze and potentially improve business processes, and then deploy these skills cross-campus to assist in continuous improvement efforts.