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Finance & Administrative Services

Finance & Administrative Services Strategic Plan

Craven Circle to the library



We build the foundation for student success through service, innovation, and stewardship of resources.


We will be the trusted partners for delivering financial and administrative excellence.


People-Centered We believe our people are our most valued asset. Therefore, we strive to create an environment where everyone is treated with empathy and respect. We promote and enable work life-balance.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) We are stronger when we have diverse perspectives in an inclusive environment where all voices are valued. We actively apply a DEI lens to all actions and processes.

Mission Driven Outcomes We focus on and deliver outcomes that enable the University to fulfill its mission.

Integrity and Collaboration Together, we work openly and honestly. We develop meaningful relationships, offer constructive feedback and share ideas.

Innovation We foster and support innovation, strive for continuous improvement, and encourage new approaches.



Enhance Workforce Strategies Develop strategies to attract, retain and engage a qualified workforce.

Strengthen Core Services Adopt a continuous improvement mindset to improve service delivery, create capacity, maintain stewardship, and enhance the campus experience.

Build and Nurture Partnerships Develop new and strengthen existing internal and external existing partnerships to support the campus and the community.

Promote Sustainable Development Integrate sustainability into daily operations, infrastructure, business practices, and
enterprises to create a socially and environmentally just campus for current and future generations.

Next Steps

Identify Champions and Sponsors


FAS Director or MPP (2-3 per Strategic Priority)

  • Reduce silos and duplicate efforts
  • Create synergies
  • Ensure alignment with other units


FAS Leadership Council Member (1-2 per Strategic Priority)

Develop department and unit goals for 2022-2023

Goals coming soon*