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CSUSM is an active leader in sustainability, recognized locally and nationally by different organizations. CSUSM has a Gold Rated program through the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS). We have also won a number of Best Practice Awards through the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC).
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At CSUSM, Sustainability holistically addresses the interconnectedness among societies, all living beings and ecosystems by ensuring socially just, ecologically sound, and resilient communities that value diversity, innovation, fiscal stewardship, health, and well-being for all by creating a positive local-to-global impact for current and future generations.


three inter-connected circles as a vin-diagram: Economic Growth, Socially Just Community (A fair world - between the two), Environmental Responsibilities (A livable world between Socially Just Communities and this, A viable world between Economic Grown and this) -- Sustainability in the middle of all sections.

Zero Waste Initiatives and Policies

Tools for Reaching Zero Waste

Learn about what we can recycle and compost here at CSUSM.

Use this guide to figure out where donations need to go, and what to do if you are interested in obtaining office supplies.

Use our zero waste event planning tools to help reduce waste at your next event.

Take a look at the progress we’ve made towards our zero waste goal.

Discover different ways to reduce your waste.

Please fill out our form if you need office supplies (party supplies, folders, pens, pencils, paper, etc.) and would like some for free.


Academic Departments with Sustainability Courses

This is an increase of 38% since 2017 when we first gathered this data

Campus as a Living Lab Grants

Collaboration between faculty and Sustainability program with grants totaling almost $100,000 for integrating sustainability into courses

Campus Gardens

Using the campus as a Living Lab -- we have three gardens. The Ethnobotany Garden, Sustainable Food Project Garden, and the Pollinator Garden

Inclusive Sustainability Faculty Workshop

Delivered one virtual workshop to CSU Long Beach in Spring 2021 and one virtual workshop to CSUSM in Summer 2022. A total of 30 faculty attended.

About Inclusive Sustainability

Venn diagram relating sustainability to student success

Inclusive Sustainability in Action

At CSUSM, Inclusive Sustainability is a transformational framework that connects the work of the Office of Inclusive Excellence and the Sustainability program.

More about Inclusive Sustainability

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Contact Information

CSUSM Sustainability
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd.
San Marcos, CA 92096
P: 760.750.4502

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