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Sustainable Events and Meetings

Host Sustainable Events

Faculty, staff, and student groups can help CSUSM become more sustainable by considering the environmental impact of meetings and events. The following guidelines and resources can help make campus events greener. 

Green Events Checklist

Tips for a sustainable event:

Outreach & Products

  • Use electronic modes of outreach such as social media, email, and a website.
  • Use posters, banners, shirts, etc without a date so they can be reused.
  • Use products that can be recycled and products made from recycled materials.
  • Consider sustainable swag products.
  • Avoid items made from styrofoam and discurage the use of balloons.

Food & Waste/Recycling

  • Avoid individually packaged products if possible and try to choose locally grown/organic food.
  • Consider figer foods to avoid cutlery
  • Encourage attendees to bring their own cutlery, water bottles, coffee cups, etc.
  • Create signage on bins for proper disposal.
  • Seek out small businesses when buying pre-made food.

Sustainable Meetings

  • Have attendees bring their own utensils and cups.
  • Encourage electronic modes of communication and outreach.
  • Avoid printing agendas and other documents.
  • Encourage note-taking to be on laptops or tablets.
  • Reuse name tags and place cards bu using ones that are erasable.

Sustainable Communication

Step 1

Use electronic forms of communication.

Step 2

Do not put dates on any signs, posters, or swag.

Step 3

Use social media to promote your events.

Step 4

Partner with other clubs or organizations to reach broader audiences.