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Sustainability Survey

In Fall 2020, CSUSM conducted its first ever campus wide sustainability survey. The purpose of the survey is to assess our campus’ knowledge and attitudes towards sustainability.  In addition, the survey satisfies our Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS) reporting.  We will continue to conduct a longitudinal survey to evaluate our progress every two years.

CSUSM Sustainability Survey 2020

Response Rate

58% Students, 29% Staff, 13% Faculty

Think CSUSM is working to create a sustainable campus

Of respondents know how to recycle, but only 17% said they do while on campus


  • 29% Knew the 3 pillars of Sustainability
  • 68% Could define Carbon Footprint
  • 79% Are interested in Sustainability
  • 7% Choose plant based meals over meat
  • 66% Often see their peers modeling sustainable behaviors

Strengths & Opportunities


Our campus is knowledgeable in the concept of Sustainability and Environmental Justice.


Increase the number of conversations about Sustainability in the courses and with peers.