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Earth Month 2022

Welcome to Earth month 2022. We are excited to be back on campus to celebrate Earth month in person, there are some great events going on all throughout the month. Check out the information below to see what is happening this April.


  • April 05, 12-1pm
    • Civic Action Party - Celebrate Earth Month by taking action using the Civic Action Hub to advocate for environmental change and climate justice. Learn about local and national environmental organizations' campaigns for Earth Month 2022!
    • Register for the Civic Action Party
  • April 14, 11:30am-1pm  
    • Journey to Zero Waste Fair - Join us in thanking the campus community for reducing their waste and helping us on our Journey to Zero Waste by 2025. To thank, help and inform our campus community about our Zero Waste goal we will be giving away promotional items such as a stainless-steel utensil and straw set. In addition, we will be giving away produce bags which can be used at the Cougar Pantry or for personal shopping to reduce waste. We will also provide gently used office supplies and 3-ring binders to our campus community and a Cougar Thrifts Free Clothing Store.
    • Location: Kellogg Plaza
  • April 20, 4:30-6pm
    • ASI Sustainable Panel Discussion - Join us for a discussion about sustainable practices and future next steps. 
    • Location: USU 2310 Meeting Rooms
  • April 22, 11am-1pm 
    • ASI Earth Day Pop-Up - Join us for an ASI Earth Day Pop-Up and opportunity to win prizes.
    • Location: USU Arcade (11)
  • April 23, 3-7pm
    • Sustainable Art Exhibit at Festival 78 - You don't want to miss out on this interactive, outdoor art & music festival held annually on the Mangrum Track and Field. Festival 78 unites the students and local community through the music, art and entertainment. This is THE road to Spring and you won't want to miss it!
    • Location: Mangrum Track and Field 
  • April 29, 8-11:59pm
    • Second Chance Prom
    • Location: Forum Plaza, USU Arcade, USU 2300 Full Ballroom