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Pilot Plastic Film Recycling Program

As part of our progress to reach Zero Waste by 2025, we have partnered with Plastic Beach Retail Recycling to recycle plastic material that would otherwise go to the landfill. This non-profit organization recycles plastic film waste into composite decking material through Trex. We are excited about this new partnership and our progress towards zero waste!

To participate in this recycling program:

  1. Collect the plastic film material following the guidelines below.
  2. Remove all large labels from plastic.  
  3. Submit this form.

A Sustainability Program team member will schedule and pick up the plastic film so it can be recycled.

What CAN be recycled through this program?

  • All #2 and #4 labeled plastic (such as cleaning agents, bleaching agents, shopping bags, bread bags, sandwich bags, etc.)
  • Air pillows
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic packaging (such as plastic Amazon envelopes)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Any other kind of soft plastic commonly used in packages
Image of plastic bread bag
Image of air pillow
Image of bubble wrap
Image of black plastic bag
Image of plastic Amazon envelope
Image of plastic wrap
Image of plastic sandwich bag


Note: Any other material- such as Styrofoam, silver-coated packaging, and hard plastics CANNOT be recycled through this program.