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Sustainable Cougars Office Program

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In 2016, CSUSM started SCOP with the goal of engaging our staff and faculty with sustainability efforts in their office/suite spaces. In 2020, we pivoted to a “home version” of SCOP  to reach everyone due to COVID-19. We are now offering both options: your department can participate, or you can participate from home.

Both programs aim to engage our campus community to make sustainable choices with their everyday actions. CSUSM has many goals guiding our efforts, including our Zero Waste by 2025 goal. This is a fun way to challenge oneself and coworkers or fellow students to achieve new habits that not only do good for the planet, but also will save you money in the long run.

Is your department interested in participating? Use the Sustainable Cougars Office Program Form to initiate the process.

Are you working from home and want to participate? Go ahead and take the Sustainable Cougars Home Office Survey. This is open to all students, staff, and faculty. Once you complete the survey, a Sustainability Team member will get back to you with your score.

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