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Teaching, Research, & Service

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Provide the knowledge, understanding, and skills graduating students need to be sustainability leaders no matter what field of study they pursue.


CSUSM currently has 161 courses that integrate sustainability themes and concepts into the curriculum.  Seventy percent (70%) of academic departments have at least one sustainability-related course.  In addition, of the employees who conduct research, 30% are conducting sustainability-related research.  Check out our sustainability courses for more information!

In 2021, CSUSM signed the Green Chemistry Commitment which "commits schools to ongoing improvement of the implementation of its Green Chemistry Student Learning Objectives." CSUSM is the first California State University institution to sign the commitment and one of about 80 in the world.

Refer to the Sustainability Master Plan for Detailed Strategies About Teaching, Research, & Service

In addition, the Chancellor’s Office of the CSU System values sustainability integration into the curriculum.  The first is a system-wide policy- “The CSU will seek to further integrate sustainability into the academic curriculum working within the normal campus consultative process.” Also, the Chancellor's Office supports the “Campus as a Living Laboratory” model, which CSUSM has benefited. Learn more about the Chancellor’s Office Sustainability Policies.

CSUSM has many professors and courses that focus on the different components of sustainability - economic, social and environmental. 

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