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Sustainability Master Plan and Policies

CSUSM Sustainability Master Plan

CSUSM Sustainability Master Plan is a roadmap for how the campus is going to achieve our goals and policies set forth by the Chancellor’s office and the State of California.

CSU System-wide Sustainability Policies

The CSU System Sustainability Policies; they value sustainability and recognize not only the business case for going green but also the educational opportunities sustainability can provide to students. 

CSU Single-Use Plastics Policy

The CSU System passed it's first ever Single-Use Plastics policy, effective January 1, 2019.  This policy looks at single use straws, plastic bags, Styrofoam and water bottles.  Currently CSUSM uses compostable straws and no longer gives out plastic bags at eateries and the university store.  We also no longer use Styrofoam in our food establishments.  By 2023, we will eliminate the sale and distribution of single-use water bottles.