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FAS Student Assistants

Congratulations on your new job! As a student assistant, you now have a great opportunity to develop your skills as a professional and gain valuable hands-on work experience not taught in the classroom. Your new role is an excellent way to learn how CSUSM works and may also help you determine if a career in education administration is for you.

What’s FAS?

Finance and Administrative Services (FAS) is one of five divisions that make up CSU San Marcos. Our division has about 200 staff members and 40 student employees working in six subdivisions:

Administration (VP’s Office/SR&S): The FAS Administration Subdivision is comprised of four departments:

Integrated Risk Management (IRM): Responsible for consulting with the campus community on methods and actions to reduce or mitigate the consequences of liability to the campus. The unit is also responsible for managing the campus' contributions to the CSU Risk Management Authority risk pool in the form of premiums for general liability insurance, workers' compensation, industrial disability, non-industrial disability, unemployment insurance, and property insurance.

Office of the Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services: Oversees strategic planning and management of division resources and provides a wide range of services, including maintaining University policies, procedures and guidelines, coordinating systemwide audits, overseeing Clery compliance, processing public records act requests, division communications and implementing division-wide organizational excellence initiatives like Business Process Improvement training, Campus Connect, and the Staff Center.

Office of Internal Audit (OIA): Works closely with campus leaders, faculty, and staff to evaluate the effectiveness of the controls in place in order to manage significant risk exposures, ensure the integrity and reliability of information and financial reporting, safeguard university assets, and support compliance with laws and regulations. 

Safety, Health & Sustainability: Collaborates with the campus community to provide consultation and training on occupational health and safety standards, the management of hazardous materials and sustainability practices.

Business & Financial Services (BFS): The BFS team is dedicated to supporting the business financial needs of the campus community and maintaining fiscal integrity by complying with all governing requirements. BFS also oversees the processes for securing contracts and services for the University along with the timely and accurate processing of customer payments, ensures insurance compliance, and supports all academic and administrative mail service needs of the campus
CSUSM Corporation: CSUSM Corporation is a self-supported auxiliary organization governed by a board of directors that operates as a distinct nonprofit entity and works closely with the campus community to provide supplemental services, opportunities, and revenue through activities such as campus dining and childcare services, bookstore operations and externally supported research, workshops, and conferences.
Facilities Development & Management (FDM): FDM is responsible for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of our 304-acre campus, including leading efforts to promote CSUSM as a good environmental steward and example for a greener future through environmentally responsible sustainable practices.
Office of Human Resources (OHR): HR supports all aspects of the employee life cycle, from initial hire through retirement, understanding that the success of the University and our students is driven by the success of CSUSM employees.
University Police (UPD): UPD is committed to being a proactive police force that works closely with students, staff, faculty, and community members to maintain a safe academic environment, enforce California Penal and Vehicle codes on and around campus, and assist the sheriff’s department with campus-affiliated calls within San Marcos.

FAS works “behind the scenes” to deliver high-quality programs and services to our students (that’s you!) and their families. FAS also provides critical guidance and support to the campus community that helps move the University forward.

We believe every FAS employee is essential in shaping the success of our division, and as a new member of the team, we want to make sure you have the tools you need to thrive in your new role.

What’s expected of me?

Primarily, we expect you to learn as much about your job and your office as possible and contribute your unique experiences, perspective, and skills to help us achieve our division mission: “Excellence in service, partnerships, and results.”

But we also realize this is one of the first “real” job experiences that many student assistants have had. Here are a few workplace tips to help you be successful:

  • Dress appropriately for your work environment. Remember that when you’re at work you represent not only your office, but also the University.
  • Keep your supervisor(s) informed of your schedule. Let your supervisor(s) know if you’re unable to work or will be late. Give advance notice if your schedule changes or other commitments affect your work availability.
  • Practice respect. Be kind and courteous to your supervisor(s), coworkers, and customers (anyone to whom your area provides service). Avoid discussing your coworkers or customers with others or on social media.
  • Be mindful of your time. Keep track of your hours worked and report them accurately. Also, be sure to take the appropriate break times determined by your supervisor(s).
  • Take initiative. Be willing to help out wherever you are needed, and ask if there are additional projects you can work on.
  • Remember that your supervisor and office mates can be a great resource to you. The relationships you build in your new role can help you in the future. Your supervisor(s) and coworkers can serve as mentors to help you develop specific skills and can perhaps be character references or provide letters of recommendation for your future job searches.

What else do I need to know?

Your supervisor will fill you in on the specific responsibilities of your job and give you some important resources, but we have also collected some information that may be helpful to you. Check out the links below and please complete our New Employee Spotlight Survey so that others in our division can get to know you.

We’re excited to be working with you!