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First-Year Programs Faculty

Our FYP instructional team represents an outstanding array of professionals from a variety of units across campus.  The collective expertise represents an active partnership between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs that focuses on student success.

Director of First-Year Programs, Marnie Eldridge
Office: Extended Learning Building 565

GEL 101 Faculty:  Academic Year 2021/2022

GEL 101 is an academic success course for first-year students.

GEL 101 Faculty List
Fall Lecture Spring Lecture Last Name First Name Extension Email
-   Acevedo Jamie
Yes   Bennett Geri 4230
Yes   Berry Cheryl
Yes   Bowman John 8522
-   Bunnell Ashley
-   Cody Shannon 4289
Yes Yes Eldridge Marnie 4186
Yes   Enriquez Jesse
Yes   Euler Shelby
Yes   Fitzgerald Rachelle
Yes   Fogle Ash
Yes   Franklin Jay 8713
Yes Yes Galea'i Joshua 4962
Yes   Green Jeff 4230
-   Hady Chrystal 4037
Yes Yes Haro Silverio 4167
Yes   Harrison Dominique
-   Junco-Williams Nubia 4230
Yes   Lewis Michael 6058
Yes   McIntosh Daniela
Yes   Mellor Jessie
Yes Yes Miller Ileen 4125
-   Moen Christiana
Yes   Morales Jeffrey
Yes   Nathanson David 7107
Yes   Nolan-Aranez Shannon 4973
Yes   Rodriquez Bianca 6059
Yes   Rojas Marivel 4873
Yes   Schmelzer Laurie 7201
-   Smarr Rochelle
Yes Yes Snedden Todd 7109
Yes   Taylor Barbara 8673
Yes   Tomanek Amanda
Yes   Tracey Rebecca
-   Vazquez Erika 4895

TS 250 Faculty 

TS 250 is a transfer success course for in coming student veterans.

TS 250 Faculty List
Fall Lecture Spring Lecture Last Name First Name Email
Yes  Yes  Stevens Damon

UNIV Faculty:  Academic Year 2021/2022

UNIV 100A, 200A, and 300B courses are academic recovery courses for first-year, second-year, and transfer students.

UNIV Faculty List
Fall Lecture Spring Lecture Last Name First Name Email
  Yes Euler Shelby 
  Yes Fogle Ash
  Yes Gragido Ashley

  Yes Hady Chrystal

  Yes Harrison Dominique 
  Yes Hardin Kayla 
Yes Yes Mata Brenda
  Yes Mellor Jessie 
  Yes Petersen Adam 
  Yes Rodriguez Bianca
Yes Yes Stevenson Ariel 
  Yes Timmons Christina


UNIV Faculty:  Academic Year 2021/2022

UNIV 180-3 courses are academic resiliency courses open to students who have successfully complete GEL 101.

UNIV Faculty List
Fall Lecture Spring Lecture Last Name First Name Email
Yes Yes Gragido Ashley


FYP Faculty on New 3 Yr Contracts this Academic Year - 2022/2023

FYP extends a warm congratulations to the following colleagues who are up for their first 3-Year Contract as of this academic year. Keep shining, y'all!

Marnie Eldridge


Ashley Gragido


Bianca Rodriguez