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Exemption Form

Freshman Live On Requirement Exemption Form

First time freshmen from Outside the CSUSM Local Service Area are required to live in on-campus or campus affiliated housing for their first year.  Students who wish to request an exemption from this requirement should complete the information below and submit this form with all applicable documentation as outlined below. First time freshmen who will be 21 on or before the first day of fall semester do not need to apply for an exemption and will be automatically exempted based on the birth date year listed on their student records.  Students that will be living at home with parent or legal guardian during their entire freshman year must complete applicable section below. Local service area and outside local service area is defined by the high school you attend and is outlined on the Admissions website.

Parent/Guardian Notification (print, fill out, and attach to form ONLY if "Living at Home" box is checked below).