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Alumni Testimonials

Class of 2023

Sergio alum

Sergio Soto
Director of Social Services
Neighborhood House Association
"I am very proud of being a CSUSM alumni and grateful for the opportunity to pursue my MBA at CSUSM."

Class of 2022

Chris B.

Chris Bono
Director of Technical Support
ESET North America
"Completing the program gave me the confidence to lead in a way that I never could have before. Having spent the last decade working in operations, the program gave me important knowledge about other facets of business: Sales, Accounting, Business Intelligence, and the function of the C-suite. This new knowledge has helped me to uplevel my role, lead new projects, and secure better pay. I appreciate the commitment that CSUSM brings to providing rigorous and applicable coursework, and to building connections that will open new doors for CSU students."

Class of 2019

Mariam Ehya

Mariam Ehya
Senior Financial Analyst
Caterpillar, Hawthorne
"Graduating with my MBA from CSUSM was one of the most gratifying decisions of my life.  All-nighters,  fighting traffic after work, hour-long conference calls, and many more challenges along the way were worth the time and effort in the end. After working and being away from school for a few years, I had to think cautiously about the program and school of my choice. Miraculously I finalized my options to Cal State, and I am delighted for making that decision. Being part of a diverse cohort made me realize sky is the limit. Not only did I defeat the challenges of being a professional student, but also became a 1st-time mom. My classmates were beside me every step of the way and we made sure to rise above all the obstacles as a team. The program thought us how to come together, build a strong unit, and bring our a-game to the table. After working for 10+ years and for the first time in my life, true teamwork was defined to me in a real-life example. it is one of the most valuable lessons I am taking away from the Cal State Professional MBA."

Class of 2018

Isabella Janovick
President, Janovick Communications & Marketing Lecturer, CSUSM

"I obtained so many new skills and value from my participation in the MBA program. Not just from the textbooks and lectures, but from the guest speakers, workshops, mentorships, and networking. My presentation and public speaking skills dramatically increased along with project management and leadership. The biggest takeaway for me was the entrepreneur workshop, which opened my eyes and inspired me to launch my own marketing company post-graduation. Along with managing my own company, I have also returned back to CSUSM as a Lecturer for the CoBA department."


Christine Mann

Christine Mann
Project Manager 

"The CSU San Marcos MBA program includes well rounded curriculum that both challenged and grew my knowledge in all aspects of business. The schedule of classes and duration of the program made it highly desirable as the impact on working full-time was minimal. I decided to obtain my MBA so I could increase my business acumen and advance my career. The real-life application in many of the courses helped me to relate what was being taught to current world events. With their vast experiences, intellect and knowledge in the industry, the professors were able to provide a practical perspective of the material. Additionally, it was helpful to have professors that were accessible and able to provide support when needed. The courses required working in teams to foster a greater learning experience, by finding understanding and tolerance of others through different perspectives, ideas, and experiences. Also, it required managing tasks and your time as well as others on your team, cultivating leadership, management, and communication skills. I would highly recommend the CSUSM MBA program to those looking to further their career with applied skills and knowledge gained throughout the program."


Class of 2017


Jocelyn Wyndham
Director of Major Gifts, University Advancement, CSUSM
"The CSUSM FEMBA program had a significant impact on my professional development. It helped me develop greater proficiency in public speaking, report preparation and presentation, strategic analysis, leadership, and project management. I was able to apply the skills and knowledge I developed in the program to my job which resulted in several immediate professional successes, and within 6 months of graduating from the program I received a promotion at work."
Elizabeth Quintard
Elizabeth Quintard
Business Manager for Instant Ink and New Business Models,  HP Inc.
"The MBA program at CSUSM is perfect for any working professional anywhere in San Diego County. There is a great mix of both Cal State and guest professors and speakers, all of which are distinguished in their fields of expertise and bring a high level of knowledge to the program. The core curriculum is well balanced across finance, management, business analytics, and leadership. The foundation of most courses is team projects and case studies, which quickly help you fine tune and grow specific skills that can be re-applied to your current career. The program is offered in a cohort style which fosters growth in both personal and professional networks. The FEMBA program at CSUSM offers the best return on your investment compared to any other program in San Diego county. I would highly recommend it to any working professional looking to earn an MBA degree, gain lifelong friendships, and seeking a catalyst to take your professional career to entirely new level."


Class of 2016

Rosemary Reed


Rosemary Reed Kessel
Director of Operations, Commworld of San Diego-North, Inc.

"I highly recommend CSUSM’s Fully Employed MBA program.  It is a demanding and intensive program that will help you take your career to the next level.  For me there were several factors impacting my decision to attend CSUSM over other schools.  The integration with the business community was most important to me.  Through courses such as Meet the Leaders you are granted access to leaders in the business community that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  Also learning in a cohort environment helps ensure your success as an individual. Lastly CSUSM provides the best value, keeping the cost of the program competitive."
Jorge A. Gaspar
Chief Medical Information Officer, Samahan Health Center
Chief Financial Officer and Co-founder, Vicarious PR, LLC
"The FEMBA program at CSUSM is an experience that those who choose to enter will never forget. If working full time and studying for your MBA at the same time seems like a lot of work, that's because it definitely is. Still, the rewards stemming from a successful completion far outweigh the toil. At its core, the FEMBA will teach you two main things. The first is how to be a good leader and the second is how to be a good at networking. These two foundations are what drive businesses today and throughout the program, they are constantly reinforced. If you're looking for a piece of paper that says MBA on it, then this might not be the program for you. However, if your goal is to grow as a leader and obtain a deeper working knowledge of how businesses function and thrive, then you've come to the right program."


Class of 2015


Keith Gemmell
Senior Management Analyst, City of San Diego

"The intensive courses of the CSUSM MBA program are oriented toward creating leaders and strong business professionals. They pushed me to excel and find solutions through new skillsets and perspectives. Being a husband, father and working professional, the FEMBA program was a perfect fit for me to manage my already at capacity life. Obtaining my MBA has given me skills to advance my career, become a better leader, provide financial and performance analysis, and plan strategic initiatives for programming. CSUSM’s program is the best choice for any professional looking to become a better manager and well-rounded candidate in any career field."


Class of 2014

Matthew Hyatt

Matthew Hyatt
Head of Operations, MilliporeSigma

"The MBA program at California State University, San Marcos was a challenging, yet fully rewarding career experience for me.  The accessible North County campus and convenient scheduling of classes gave me the ability to achieve my dream of earning an MBA degree, while continuing to work full-time.  The comprehensive curriculum provided a strong foundation in management, leadership, financial analysis and business analytics.  Many of the principles learned in the program were able to be applied immediately at my place of work.  The program allowed me to interact with top-notch faculty and industry leaders, as well as create networking opportunities and friendships that will last a lifetime."


Class of 2013

Melissa Horning

Melissa Namjoo
Product Quality Manager, ViaSat

"The CSUSM MBA program was the best fit for me because of the competitive price and class schedule. Once I adjusted my mindset and schedule to balance both work and school I realized that my potential was larger than I ever thought it could be. I was able to apply many of the class deliverables to special projects in other functional areas within my company.  This created networking and learning opportunities that have given me great exposure for my career. My cohort and the faculty have consistently inspired me to think about the business world in different ways. At the end of the program at CSUSM we created a “MBA Business Book Club” in which we continue to learn business concepts, grow our networks, and help each other in our careers. Members of my cohort have been a critical sounding board for my personal career decisions, and I have no doubt that we will stay friends and colleagues for years to come."


Class of 2012

Ania Piotrowicz

Ania Piotrowicz
Senior Financial Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

"The CSUSM program has been the best career move I could have made. The program was very challenging and demanding, but extremely rewarding. I gained a deep understanding of the theory behind business processes and was introduced to real-world scenarios which provided me with direct experience and knowledge of how today’s top businesses operate. On top of it all, I gained incredible friendships with both, professors and students."

Tylia smiling

Tylia Smith Tietje
Operations Manager, A Novartis Company

"Higher education often opens doors and CSUSM's MBA program is no exception! There were many opportunities for professional and personal development that could not have been experienced through an online program. Knowledge gained could immediately be applied in the workplace. Industry leaders were often guest speakers who inspired students, shared lessons learned, and were open to networking. Relationships formed in our cohort will be a great support for years to come. My MBA experience provided tools for a deeper understanding of the business world which will be beneficial to my career in biotech and at home."


Class of 2011

Jared Shapiro


Jared Shapiro
Sales Engineer, Southern California Sound-Image

"Through all of the ups and downs, the MBA program showed itself to be an excellent source of scholastic development. The faculty allows you to have a voice in the development of the young program in a continuous effort to maximize your education. The courses covered in the program offer a well-rounded management education with an emphasis in quantitative skills. Going through the program as a cohort brings with it a tremendous level of support. Thanks to this program, I not only have a network of great contacts, but a group of great friends as well."


Class of 2010

Matthew Grills

Matthew Grills
Jungwon University, South Korea


"I cannot recommend the MBA program at CSUSM highly enough. The program design provides an opportunity for working individuals to complete a degree by designing the classes around a weekend schedule. The instructors show a deep care for their students and are masters in their fields. The lessons I learned extend far beyond just the content of the classes and are representative of the character of the professors who teach the courses. For the vast majority of the program, applications are real world and timely for the global marketplace. In addition, the cohort system (I had the advantage of being involved with several cohorts) allows for a development of lifelong friendships and business contacts. You truly learn how to function in a team, managing excellence and challenges with a wide variety of colleagues. In addition, you are part of a greater community of learners with access to some of those on the forefront of their respective disciplines. CSUSM’s MBA program is one of my proudest experiences and I would recommend it for the life-long learner who is seeking to take the next step in their career development.

Jodi Coe

Jodi Coe
Executive Assistant, NuVasive

"CSUSM’s program is the best choice for North San Diego County residents who want to obtain an MBA. The Saturday classes are convenient, the cost is competitive, and the quality of the education is first-rate. Because CSUSM’s MBA students go through the program as a cohort, they build personal and professional relationships that last a lifetime."
Photo of Roger Herzler 
Roger Herzler
Technical Business Analyst, Advanced Symitar & Lecturer at CSUSM
“The CSU San Marcos MBA was the most challenging academic effort I've undertaken, yet it was very rewarding! I was thoroughly impressed by the instructors’ knowledge and enthusiasm for their courses, as well as the high caliber of the other students that were in my cohort.  I've been able to take away a much deeper understanding of how to contribute to a company's success, and I have added life-long friends that I can network with in the future. Taking the MBA at CSUSM was a high-value endeavor that I recommend to anyone wanting to be more successful in business and in their career.”
Photo of Alaa-addin Moussa 
Ala'a-addin Moussa
Senior Manager, IoT Products at Dish Network
"The MBA program was well-rounded and introduced me to many concepts that a product development manager should be aware of: operational excellence, market segmentation, strategic positioning, competitive advantages and product differentiation to mention a few. The theories of organizational behavior, leadership, ethics, and cultural differences came in handy when working with global companies each with a distinct culture. Of special utility were the analytical decision making tools I learned to guide my decision making processes in uncertainty."


Class of 2007

Photo of Natalie Andrade Hinson

Natalie Andrade Hinson
 Manager of Operations, Plavan Fleet

“Cal State San Marcos had all the qualities I was looking for in an MBA program: top-notch faculty along with a convenient schedule that made it possible to attend classes while working full-time. I was able to learn real world solutions to a variety of business challenges that could immediately be applied in the workplace.”

Photo of Chris Bererducci

Chris Berarducci
President, Vital Digital

“Overall, the program was excellent. I feel that it really taught me how to think quickly in new situations, meet deadlines and provided a better understanding of how business works in general. All of these items together have helped to open new professional opportunities.”
David Page 
David Page, CPA
Director of Finance & Controller, San Diego Zoo
“The Cal State San Marcos MBA program is extremely challenging with top quality, knowledgeable, experienced professors…. Obtaining an MBA is an incredible experience. It has improved my performance at work and reinvigorated my career. I highly recommend seeking an MBA and I highly recommend the MBA program at CSU San Marcos."


Class of 2006

Photo of Erhan Ercan 
Erhan Ercan, MBA

Vice President of Marketing, Ostendo Technologies, Inc.
“The CSUSM MBA empowered me with that extra oomph I needed in getting the company I co-founded on its feet with now over 120 people since its inception in October 2005.”
Photo of John Paterson 
John Paterson
International Program Manager, Fire Scout Program, Northrop Grumman
“As an engineering manager at a major aerospace company I had an excellent technical background but no practical experience in the business aspects of my company. Cal State San Marcos' MBA program taught me to think from a business perspective rather than as an engineer. I have since been promoted to managing the international sales of one of our aircraft.”


Class of 2005

 Jeremy Durant

Jeremy DurantBusiness
Principal, BOP Design

“I would not have been able to start my own successful marketing agency without the skills acquired through the CSUSM MBA program! I highly recommend the program to anyone in search of a broad-based curriculum in which you gain understanding of all facets of business management.”