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CSUSM President visits Senior Experience Trade Show

President visiting Senior Experience Trade Show

CSUSM strives to be a national model of integrated engaged community learning,” said CSUSM President Ellen J. Neufeldt.

President Neufeldt visited the College of Business Administration’s Senior Experience Trade Show last week and said: "Since arriving at CSUSM, I've been so impressed with the ‘learn by doing’ approach for which this campus is known. The Senior Experience Trade Show was an impressive example of our focus on offering students hands-on learning experiences that help transform the students into problem-solvers and well-balanced leaders. I was so impressed with the projects our students were involved in, and I can't thank our sponsors enough for partnering with us." 

 She continued: "Senior Experience is an example of how CSUSM strives to be a national model of integrated engaged community learning – together we are changing the economic trajectory of individual students as well as the economic trajectory of our region." 

The Senior Experience Trade Show, which is a presentation of graduating business students' final projects, was held in the Sony Electronics’ North American Headquarters last week. More than 450 students, faculty members and business community attended this high-ranking event. 

FEMBA Class of 2020 Awards rceipients announced!

December 11, 2019


Outstanding Graduate Student Award

This award was established in recognition of the CoBA's commitment to excellence in graduate management education. Each year, the award recognizes the accomplishments of an outstanding FEMBA student. The nominations for the award are submitted and voted upon by the FEMBA faculty. Selection criteria include demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in graduate coursework. This year the FEMBA faculty unanimously nominated Mohammad Pulak with the perfect GPA of 4.0.

Leadership and Service Award

The FEMBA Leadership and Service Award was established in recognition of CoBA's commitment to its professional MBA Program.

This year’s leadership and service award is jointly presented to Mohammad Pulak and Brittany Wallace for their significant contributions to the cohort, and considerable contributions to the FEMBA program.

Graduate Teaching Excellence Award

CoBA initiated this award for Graduate Teaching Excellence to encourage innovation and excellence in graduate teaching that results in students developing the skills and disposition of advanced business knowledge. The nomination and selection for this award is solely by FEMBA students. The class of 2020 has selected Dr. Nima Zaerpour for his outstanding performance in teaching Business Analytics.

Specialized MBA Program Enhances Offerings

December 10, 2019

Why should you get an MBA?

Cal State San Marcos' College of Business Administration is now offering its Specialized MBA program in the evenings. Working professionals can finish their MBA on a part-time basis in 24 months and full-time students can complete their MBA in 12 months. 

This unique program structure consists of three phases: the Foundation, the Core, and the Specialization. Upon satisfactory completion of each phase of the program, students will receive a certificate, and upon completion of the Master’s experience, an MBA degree.

The Specialized MBA will prepare students to advance their careers in one of the available areas of specializations:

These specializations are designed for candidates with a career focus. The program offers exposure to core business knowledge as well as focused specialties through an accessible and convenient schedule, and relevant and rigorous course work.

Visit for more information.

Why should you get an MBA?

JUNE 12, 2019 - Interview with Associate Dean Dr. Mohammad Oskoorouchi

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The Financial Rewards of the MBA are rising

July 25, 2019 - Statistics show that the value of MBA is steadily rising and the return is sooner than you think.

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