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Program entry is in the summer term of each year for mon-Business major students. During the summer, Specialized MBA (SMBA) students are enrolled in business foundation courses to get familiarized with the curriculum otherwise earned with a Business Bachelor's degree or minor. 

Program entry is in the fall term for students who earned their undergraduate degree in business. Therefore, you can petition to waive the summer foundation courses. If you plan on waiving courses, please notify the MBA office at and attach your transcripts. You will be notified with your admission decision if the courses were approved for credit.

The chart below demonstrates how long you will be in the program depending on the full-time or part-time track you choose:

 Major Full-Time Students  Part-Time Working Professionals
Business Majors 12 months 24 months

Non-Business Majors*

Required to take Foundation Courses.

15 months
  • 27 months
    • Foundation courses can be taken on a full-time basis during Summer term (May-August) prior to Fall term entry.
  • 36 months (recommended)
    • Foundation Courses taken part-time through Open University at CSUSM prior to Fall term entry. *Accounting 502 must be completed during summer.
Business Minor 12 months 24 months

Course Schedule