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Program Overview

The CSUSM Specialized MBA program stands out as an exceptional choice for individuals seeking advanced business education. Students should select CSUSM for its distinguished College of Business Administration, which holds accreditation from a prestigious global organization, ranking among the top 5% of business schools worldwide. This achievement underscores the program's commitment to excellence. Despite its accreditation and esteemed reputation, CSUSM maintains a commitment to keeping tuition costs low, ensuring accessible and high-quality education.

The program's comprehensive offerings span diverse specializations such as business analytics, international business, and supply chain management. With a dedicated faculty boasting global experience, the program's emphasis on personalized instruction nurtures skills and knowledge critical for contemporary business success. Accommodating both full-time students and part-time professionals, the program's flexible scheduling further demonstrates its commitment to supporting various learning paths.

The campus, recognized as California's safest, fosters inclusivity and diversity, enhancing the overall educational experience. Graduates benefit from a robust alumni network and a mentorship program that connects them with seasoned executives. The curriculum's focus on collaborative teamwork, ethical decision-making, and global perspectives aligns with the demands of the modern business landscape. By offering a dynamic and structured program with evening classes, CSUSM's Specialized MBA program empowers students with the tools they need to thrive personally and professionally.

Relevant Coursework
The curriculum provides the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in today's competitive market. See Curriculum and Course Descriptions.

Passionate and Knowledgeable Faculty
Learn from dedicated and caring faculty with excellent qualifications and global experience. See Faculty.

The program is tailored to accommodate full-time students or working professionals seeking a part-time class schedule. See 2023 Entry Calendar (Contact Department) for the class schedule.

The best value Specialized MBA program in San Diego County. See Tuition and Fees.

Small Class Sizes
Classes of 20-40 students mean more personal attention for each student.

The only on-location MBA Program in North San Diego County and conveniently accessible from Highway 78. Located just ten (10) miles from beautiful California beaches.

Campus Environment
CSUSM has been rated as the #1 safest campus in California and #13 in the U.S. At CSUSM, diversity and inclusion is our top priority and creates a welcome atmosphere for all students.

High Caliber Students
Join a network of highly qualified professionals from which you can derive benefits throughout your career.

Active Alumni Association
Maintain relationships with fellow alumni through ongoing career networking events.

Mentor Program
Allows students the flexibility to connect with high-level executives in a one-to-one relationship on a monthly basis and shape the relationship according to the students' career goals.

Mission, Vision, Values, and Learning Outcomes


CoBA provides a transformative business education that prepares our diverse student body for success in an evolving economy and society. Our faculty delivers a relevant and innovative curriculum, upholding high academic standards. We integrate theory and practice, guided by scholarship and collaborations with industry experts and community leaders.


CoBA aspires to be a leader in innovative and excellent business education that advances student success, strengthens the economic vitality of Southern California, and facilitates social mobility for all.

Graduate Student Learning Outcomes

Our graduates will be able to...

1. ...engage in effective business communication.

2. ...analyze quantitative and qualitative data to support critical arguments and business decisions.

3. ...apply tools, theories, methodologies, and models relevant to solving business problems.

4. ...integrate diverse cultural and community perspectives into business decision-making.

5. ...identify potential ethical dilemmas in business and develop responses.

6. ...evaluate the ramifications of business decisions in a global context.