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Course Descriptions

Advanced Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Hospitality and tourism-related businesses make up the largest industry sector in San Diego and Southwest Riverside Counties. In recent years, new business strategies and applications have emerged to increase profitability and reduce risk.

To address these new concepts and approaches, CSUSM has developed a comprehensive Hospitality and Tourism Management program. Students who want to pursue or enhance a career in this field can choose from several options:

  • Complete an MBA with a specialization (SMBA) in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Complete a set of six pre-determined graduate-level courses to receive an Advanced Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Take individual credit-based courses as needed (which can be applied toward SMBA or the Certificate, if desired)

This flexibility supports hospitality executives’ need to educate senior-level personnel in these concepts while allowing students to benefit immediately from coursework that applies directly to their day-to-day responsibilities.

Any credit course taken individually can be applied toward either the Advanced Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management or the Specialized MBA, should a student decide to pursue further education.

Program Logistics

Program Duration:  Each class runs 10 weeks, from 5:30 to 8:15 PM on Monday nights, excluding Spring Break.

Units:  Each class is two units.

Location:  CSUSM  

Fees:  $1,500 per each two-unit class.

Admission Requirements:  Students must have a Bachelor’s degree to enroll in a class or the Advanced Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management (six classes).  Special consideration may be given to students who have industry experience, but do not have a Bachelor’s degree. 

There are academic requirements for a student taking one of more classes and want to apply them towards an MBA.  See for details.


  • Career-minded individuals seeking to develop advanced level business skills directly related to the hospitality industry.
  • Employees who want to acquire a deeper understanding of their roles in order to advance to higher levels of responsibility in the industry.
  • Individuals who wish to consider CSUSM’s Advanced Certificate or Specialized MBA program in Hospitality and Tourism Management


“In today’s world of hospitality management, it doesn't matter what you knew yesterday.  Because of advanced technology and communications applications, management needs to know, embrace and utilize new concepts and vehicles if they are to succeed tomorrow,” Jon Fredricks, CEO, Welk Resorts

“CSUSM has reached out to the hospitality industry to learn what they need in educational programs for their employees to maintain a completive advantage.  These classes meet the needs we have to develop our workforce and meet strategic goals.” Renato Alesiani, CEO, Wave Crest Hotels and Resorts and Cape Rey Carlsbad